Sunday, May 10, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 10 - BEST Trip Of Your Life

Day 10: BEST Trip Of Your Life
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As most folks know, I'v been on A LOT of trips! But, for BEST, I have to say there is a tie!

The most life changing vacation had to be my trip to Vegas in 2005, when I married one of the most exceptional women I've ever met! My wife and I enjoyed a weekend full of fun and friendship, accompanied by several friends and family that made the experience even nicer! The cap for me, of course, was the beautiful wedding and knowing I was taking my beautiful bride home with me!
Our Wedding
Probably ONE of our funnest trips we've ever taken has to be the year (2012) we took most of our children to Disney! We had my 3 younger kids, that are still home, our 2nd oldest, our oldest and her family, and even a family friend! We had a great time bonding and connecting with the kids, all while enjoying one of our biggest family vacations ever! Nothing beats spending time and growing in love with your family! And doing it while enjoying a life-long experience, makes it even more enjoyable!

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