Sunday, November 23, 2014

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => The current situation in #Ferguson #MichaelBrown #DarrenWilson

Mike Brown Sr. holding
a picture of his son.
I was reading some comments to a Facebook status, about the lack of movement by the Ferguson Grand Jury in the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case. The commenters, both stated and/or agreed with the "we weren't there...let the Grand Jury (take their time and) decide"! One of them also went so far as to state that "since Mr. Brown committed a crime...he spun the wheel"!

All I could say was WOW! It was very interesting to "hear the other side" and what they thought of the situation. I have the sneaky suspicion they'd think otherwise, had it been their son, or one of their family...regardless of color.
NO ONE needs to be gunned down and killed by police for JAY WALKING, possible petty theft or hiding from police! The officer unloaded approximately half of a clip (if not more) at a Jay Walking and possible petty theft suspect (if it's proven Wilson even knew about the theft)! There's NO REASON for that, regardless if we were there or not!

If you are a law enforcement officer, there is NO REASON you should be allowed to patrol, protect & serve, or anything else, if you are gonna shoot anything that moves! If the Officer was so "afraid", he should have turned in his badge and retired! Using fear as a reason for action, when you are trained in several facets of combat and weaponry, is completely and utterly, irresponsible and unacceptable!

The underlying issue is not about "being there", it's not about "hearing all of the evidence", but it's about taking responsibility for actions unbefitting the position! It's about holding law enforcement officers accountable, and not continuing to allow the (excuse the pun), cop-out that they won't make it in prison, since they were former law enforcement. Giving these individuals excuses, is giving them a "license to kill" and unfortunately, they're usually aiming their guns, and unloading full clips at a "select few"! This is what has to stop! "To Protect & Serve" means us all, not only who you choose!!!

That's what Stylez thinks...what do you think?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

#WillieStylezSays - Wisdom and Opportunity

"Wisdom and Opportunity are an amazingly blessed combo! But to appreciate it, take advantage of the Energy and Freedom of Youth!" #DontWasteIt - Willie Stylez

Friday, November 21, 2014

#WhatStylezThinksAbout => INBOX by GMAIL #GTD #SoftwareReview

Inbox by Gmail, the newest tool
for digital organization
So, a buddy of mine posed the question...
Which do you feel, is a superior email client? GMAIL 5.0 (Lollipop update) or INBOX (by Gmail)?
So, being the software addict that I am, I asked for an invite so I could check out the fabled new addition to the Google stable... INBOX! So What Does STYLEZ Think?

OK, so after only 1 day, I (kinda) prefer INBOX over GMail 5.0!!! I feel like Inbox, indeed, helps me get things done and kinda forces me to get organized in my digital life. To begin the process of getting more organized, I consolidated my corporate email to my GMail account and spent like 3 or 4 hours cleaning up that mess! I'd been getting a lot of spam lately so I think Gmail is going to help with that! (so far so good)

So then I moved on to understanding INBOX and the bundling, and the sweeping, and all of the other organization tools it flaunts! And I must say, between the mobile app (on Android) and the website, I am impressed. I actually never really got motivated to do the labeling/tagging in Gmail. It was never user friendly to me. I found the new Gmail 5.0 on Android was better. But with Bundles in INBOX, I feel more in control and pre-organized so that I can focus on what I'm doing and get it done, versus flailing my arms all over the place with random messages just filling up my mailbox daily!

The only "major" gripe I have right now, is to perform more complex selections (based on advanced filters), you still have to rely on the old Gmail website, but other than that INBOX's website and mobile app are easy to use and very helpful in getting what's important, right in front of me! Also, the addition of some of Google Keep's features (reminders) is an added bonus, since I love that app too. I'm impressed, and hope with (a little) time, it will totally replace all of my email clients and fulfill my digital needs! 

By the way, I also found a GREAT website that pretty much goes over all of the current features in INBOX and gives you a basic overview on how to use them! Check it out here:

And finally, if you're interested in getting an invite to Inbox, please let me know, I believe I have one or two I can send out! Then you can get organized too! That is what Stylez thinks, what do you think? Please comment and share!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 4 - Who or What Can't You Live Without?

Day 4: Who or What Can't You Live Without?
For more info on the 30 Day Blog challenge, click here.

So this one was an easy choice:

My GOD and My Wife!
My Beautiful Wife, Alexis!
The two most important people in my life! Jehovah gives me structure, Alexis gives me purpose! Jehovah has taught me to Love... I've shown Alexis that Love throughout our friendship and marriage! Jehovah, through his son, has promised to save me from Sin and Death! And HE's already shown he can save me by giving me such a blessing in a strong, dedicated, ambitious and motivating wife!

My Galaxy Note 10.1 2014
My Drink and My 2 Step... LMBO! Just kidding. But most folks know, I can't live without my technology...all of it. From PC's and Tablets, to smartphones and wearable tech, I love technology and all it stands for! Progress, innovation and creativity! It's my hobby and my career!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 3 - What's In Your Bag

Day 3: What's In Your Bag?
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So, NO, it hasn't taken me 4 days to figure out what's in my bag, but I've just been super busy (and writing a bunch of other stuff, as you'll see in my 4 blogs)! Anyway, it's time to catch up on The Challenge!

So, because the only bag I actually carry (besides my wife's when we're shopping) is my laptop bag, I decided to explore it! And here is what I found (thanks to Sunny D at Spoken Words & Thoughts for the inspiration on how to structure my list):

The Obvious:

  • Dell 15" Laptop from work
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Charging cables
  • spare headphones
The Less-Obvious:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet
  • tissue (I have terrible hay fever allergies)
  • Micro fiber screen wipes (gotta keep those screens crisp)
  • Sharpies (just to keep it from getting stolen off my desks)
  • Battery pack charger for phones
  • Network cables (never know when wifi isn't going to be an option)
  • extra USB cables
  • Influencing Skills workbook (from an interesting class I took)
Obviously you can tell I like to be prepared! What's in your bag!?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 2 - Significance of Your Name #WhatsInaName

Day 2: What Is The Significance Of Your Name?
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So I've spent a few hours trying to decide how to approach Day 2's subject. As MANY of you know, my name on this Blog, and most other places is Willie Stylez! If you go to my Twitter you see a "full name"... William F. Stylenzski! When I talk to my kids about "Who Willie Stylez is", I always claim his name is:

William F. Stylenzski, III, Esquire
Willie Stylez
Big Little Whatever

Well, because this is the Willie Stylez Blog, I will stick with What's In WILLIE STYLEZ's Name!!! HA! And y'all thought I was about to reveal my Government name! #NoComment

So Willie Stylez has been my pseudonym since 1994 when I started writing and doing music. It was a cool name, and got me thinking about my brand, my image as an entertainer and separating me from the day-to-day businessman I was, in real life! I have continued to use this name, in brand and persona, ever since!

When Twitter came about they wanted a full name for the profile, and I initially used the Willie Stylez name. Later on, while trying to garner 5000 followers in a friendly competition I was involved in, I decided to step up the stakes. I promised my followers I would CHANGE when I reached 5000 followers, it was the least I could do to prove there was a "Prize for all these followers"!!! And at 5000, I officially MORPHED...into the Black Power Ranger!!! LMBO! YES, I spent close to a year being the Black Power Ranger on Twitter! #GoodTimes

But shortly thereafter, I decided I needed to change again and gave up my PowerZord! But then I needed an "identity"! So I asked around and #OOMF (one of my followers) suggested to just be myself. No nickname, just fully, who I Willie Stylez though...all grown up! Then it hit me...what would Willie Stylez be a nickname for!? William was obvious for Willie! But then I remembered most people who came from other countries changed their last names to "fit in"! So I had to figure out where STYLEZ "came from"! And that's when I came up with William F. Stylenzski, III, Esq.! Sounds very astute doesn't it! And Polish...but whatever! LOL!

So what does the F stand for...

And NOW you know! LOL!