Monday, March 29, 2010

REVIEW: S2P (Slide 2 Play)

S2P (Slide 2 Play)

S2P is a stylus-free MP3/MP4/M4A/AAC/WMA/WAV/M3U/PLS/ASX player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play. It fully integrates with S2U2; & supports A2DP & AVRCP. 
S2P imageS2P image


via A_C S2 Applications

This has got to be the COOLEST and BEST media players for the Windows Mobile platform, and best yet, IT'S FREE!!! I downloaded it, and first thing I notice is that it has that familiar, if not slightly dated, iPhone interface. HOWEVER, that is a good thing because it makes it VERY easy to navigate, especially on touch based devices such as the HTC Touch HD and the HTC HD2. I have both phones and tested this on the HD2 with no issues. I liked that the OpenGL (3D flipping and sliding) and WVGA screen were both supported by the v0.83Beta and it QUICKLY discovered and played my music, unlike the HTC Media Player (which would take 30 seconds to 4 or 5 minutes to play EVERYTIME) that comes standard with those phones. I had to actually disable the use of the HTC Music tab on my HD2 because it kept crashing my manila (HTC Sense). Anyway, make sure you check out this AWESOME media player TODAY, and with a price like FREE, it definitely can't be beat!

If you download (or have already downloaded) and use this app, please comment with your thoughts! Thanks!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

HOT MUSIC REVIEW! - Like Yeah by Ameen (@ameen0605)

ameen - like yeah

listen Download
@Ameen0605 - real talk this is gonna be a club banga

Ok, you know I love club music, so when I got this link from Ameen, I was ESTATIC! I LOVE the beat. The chorus is VERY infectious! The production is TOP NOTCH! And best of all, my man sounds like a true entertainer! He didn't hold back or half step on this song! I think he was right when he said this is "gonna be a club banga"! I'm COSIGNING that!

Check out Ameen on these sites:

If you have new music you want reviewed, comment on one of my HOT MUSIC REVIEW postings or get @ me on Twitter ( or @williestylez) and I will either retweet it or give you a full review!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OMG ALERT: HTC Evo 4G - The HD2 for Android? |

HTC Evo 4G: The HD2 for Android?

Mar. 24, 2010 (8:31 am) By: Matthew Humphries

Do you like the look of the HTC HD2, but get turned off by the fact it uses Windows Mobile? Well, it seems HTC has you covered with the announcement of the Evo 4G. It’s very similar to the HD2, but runs Android, and has a few additional features.

Previously known as the Supersonic, the Evo 4G is the first 3G/4G handset for the U.S. market, and will be available exclusively from Sprint.

Here’s the main specs:

  • 4.3″ AMOLED capacitive pinch and zoom touchscreen
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 8.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD video capture
  • 1.3 medapixel forward-facing camera
  • 1GB ROM
  • 512MB RAM
  • HDMI port
  • WIMAX support, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • HTC Sense UI
  • Kickstand

Sprint is touting its 4G network as an all-in-one solution, so with the HTC Evo 4G you will be able to connect up to 8 devices such as a laptop, MP3 player, and handheld gaming unit.

If you want one, you’ll have to wait until the summer.

Read more at the HTC press release, found via ITProPortal and

Matthew’s Opinion

The HD2 with Windows Mobile 6.5 is a bit of a dead end for users if they want to upgrade as there’s no path to Mobile 7. When contracts usually run two years that’s surely going to put you off having one.

Then comes the announcement of a similar phone, from the same manufacturer, but running Android. We all know how readily Android gets new versions, and upgrades appear within a few months. So this may cause a few consumers to wait and get the Evo 4G instead.

I’m actually hoping HTC stops announcing phones for a few months so I can sit down, look at what’s available, and choose a new handset. Currently, I keep looking, but then hear about the next model appearing in a few months and wait a bit longer.

OK! Seriously HTC!?!? I was JUST ABOUT to go get my HD2 from T-Mobile and then I see THIS! An Android version of HD2 that will be released WITH a better camera, a front facing camera (which I will miss from my HD1 if I get T-Mo's HD2), AND Android OS! I agree with the article author that I wish HTC would just SLOWDOWN! Apparently you are KILLING Apple, Blackberry & Palm with all these phone releases but you are making us smartphone aficionados a little scared of upgrading for fear that our (next) "dream" phone is only MONTHS from release! SMH!

That's what STYLEZ thinks, what do you think?

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Monday, March 15, 2010

VLog #4 - Alex IS BACK! More tough topics tackled... OK so not really!

VLog #4 finds Alex and I still not discussing anything important but he seems to have a lot to say! LOL!

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Are kid movies going TOO far?

As always, I was going through Facebook updates and came across a good topic. So of course, I had to make it a blog post! Today’s topic is about Movies and how they seem to be getting out of hand when it comes to the Kid & Family Genre! My FB Friend said:

“wondering why all these new children’s movies are so scary? i.e. Coraline, A Christmas Carol, Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland...etc...they are scaring my kids half to death! what's the deal?”

So, What Does STYLEZ Think?

See thats the problem, these movies ARE NOT for kids... they are for ADULTS! ESPECIALLY Christmas Carol, Coraline & Alice in Wonderland! (I haven’t seen the Princess & Frog movie, but I didn’t think it looked scary... but I wont judge! LOL!) But one thing we have to remember is we can't let the titles, or "intended" themes, or the big name stars, or the movie studio name, make us blindly allow our children to take in these negative images and adult themes! Just because a movie says Disney & has a MPAA rating doesn't make it OK for our children! And just like some kids were scared of some things in Princess, it didn't affect other kids. That doesn't make those kids "less tough", it just means that the movie was not intended for THEM! I am starting to be more cautious of the themes and movies coming out, because the studios are trying to make money, not look out for the best interest of our youth!

One other thing to remember is not to let the "Kid Pressure" get to you! Just because a movie has kids in it, or is animated, most kids are jumping to see it! Shoot, that's why I've taught my babies that if they see it on a commercial, then we CAN'T get it! LOL! I’m serious! I've said it so much that now before they ask for something, they will say, "daddy, we didn't see this on TV but"! LOL! But like I said, you definitely have to pre-screen these movies. And sometimes you can just look out for the tell-tale signs. Like most of the movies mentioned earlier were all Tim Burton movies! Those are definitely not little kid friendly. I also noticed that all the Dreamworks animated movies are full of adult themes! So lately my kids’ TV is stuck on nothing but Nick Jr and Sprout because the rest of it is too over the top!

That’s what STYLEZ thinks! What do you think?

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Video Log #3 (without Alex Stylez, dont tell him! LOL!)

I go over my plans for my blogs as well as talk about new music and artists I've recently discovered!

Here are the Links I mentioned:

Signif -

MKE's Best mixtapes -

J. Nolan - (apparently I DID NOT convey this URL correctly in my blog! LOL!)

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