Friday, May 22, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 22 - Your Worst Habits

Day 22: Your Worst Habits
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Unfortunately, BAD HABITS ... are a fact of life! It's great to have good habits, but when you recognize your worse habits... sometimes it's hard to believe you've let it get "this bad"!!! Here are some of the things that bug me, about ME!

  1. Work-a-holic - I work 24-7-365 ... for work (on call), home, and with family and friends! I only get "days off" when I'm on vacation with my wife! And even then, we usually stay at resorts where we have to cook and clean up after ourselves! LOL! 
  2. Don't delegate well - I'd rather do things myself, than trust someone else to do it. I'm getting better at this at work. But at home, I still cling to tasks and chores I should give to others!
  3. Quick tempered - yea, I'm generally non-confrontational and laid back. But if you get on my bad side... which if you hit the right triggers, can happen rapidly... I will GO OFF! It's a constant battle to keep it under control!
  4. Eat when I'm not hungry - I work overnight, a lot, and sady, find myself eating, not because I'm hungry, but because I'm sleepy/tired! Or, if I see something that I like to eat, I will binge on it, regardless if I'm hungry or not! One day I'll get it under control! But shoot, I want to do it even right now! SMH! 
Those are my worst habits ... have you found yours? 

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