Monday, March 11, 2013

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => "Bad" Kids and their education! Is it time for a change?


A Facebook (and real life) friend posted a topic recently about types of suspensions given out to kids when they are "being bad" or violating rules, etc. She jokingly related:

If I were in school, I would be elated to be suspended! Don't have to get up early or do in class assignments! Heck! Why not try to get suspended to have a legimate reason not to go to school???!!! LOL

But she has a point here, what is going through the mind of a kid when they're suspended!? What can schools do to curb or deter that WANT to be suspended attitude? Is there time for a change? This Is What STYLEZ Thinks!

My kids' school does both "no school" and "in shool"... they call it In-House strangely enough... style suspensions. It depends on the offense and number times the kid has violated certain offenses. But I do think the In-School suspension probably discourages the kids from thinking they are going to get away with chillin at the crib! But it still sucks because they don't do any work and they continue to fail their classes, so I don't think it's as effective as the teachers think. I think they should make it like a learning bootcamp. You go to In-School Suspension, you're away from your friends (or most of them, since I'm sure "that" crowd probably runs together) and then force them to do EXTRA work, projects, homework, etc! Now THAT would teach them!

I have a few kids at home that love school and In-School and Out-of-School suspensions would hurt them to their hearts. But I know, a couple of my kids and SO MANY kids at their school seemed to live for those "free days"! SMDH! I hated it and complained but it fell on deaf ears. So many administrators are still under that archaic notion that you need to remove the "bad element" to save the good. But they don't realize if you keep tellin a kid they're bad... then what do you think they're going to be!?

Not to say I don't agree in some instances... because I know I don't want drug dealers and gang members around my kids when they're supposed to be learning. But dang, you can't deny and deprive these kids of education, then they will just reville in their own stupdiity and continue down the same dead-end path they're own with no repurcussions in sight, until it's too late! I have tried to talk to my couple of wayward kids, and provide a good example of hard work! But hey, I'm just the parent, who they think "isn't cool like the entertainers/their friends/etc"! So it was a battle to keep them on the straight and narrow! But I feel so strongly about education that I don't any kid needs to be completely devoided of that chance to learn! That's Bad!

So, that is what Stylez thinks! What do you think!?

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