Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 6 – What Are You Afraid Of

Day 6: What Are You Afraid Of
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So when I think of things to be afraid of, I am not usually the one to fall into the category! Like bugs... they don't often bother or freak me out. It has to be something super nasty for me to even flinch! Darkness doesn't bother, basements are usually cool, and although I hate to see live (or dead) rodents, I can't say I fear them!

But one thing I do "fear", and some of my relatives can attest to this, is ... FAILURE!!

Yea, good old Failure! I fear failure because I hate to be wrong, or uninformed, or even letting someone down! And I don't mean losing...because hey, there can only be one winner, right!? So somebody's gotta lose occasionally! But I mean, legitimate, barebones, Failure!

I try not to dwell on it too much, and I try to see the bigger picture in situations that may result in a failure. But all in all, I try to either know everything I can, or do every thing I can to succeed! Success is like a drug ... and Failure is my kryptonite!

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