Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 5 – Your Proudest Moment

Day 5: Your Proudest Moment
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At my age, I have racked up some pretty proud moments! Everything from life's firsts (car, home, degree, job, etc); to life's big accomplishments (moving out, achieving goals, being honored by others, getting married, etc)! So trying to choose my most proudest, was a little tough!

Although I have had many children that I have helped raise, there was no greater feeling of accomplishment, than when I saw my (biological) daughter for the VERY FIRST time, during her mom's midterm ultrasound! When I saw that little baby, swimming around in that amniotic fluid, looking like a tiny person ... I just lost it! I couldn't even play the tears off, they were pouring from my face!

My wife and I had made a life, and it was going to be my responsibility to love her and protect her, and give her a good home! There's that unconditional love you just can't even explain! That made me proud to be who my parents made me to be, proud to be with a wonderful woman to share that love with, and proud to know we were going to have a beautiful baby looking up to us and knowing we were going to be great parents for her! I love all of my children equally, but that moment, made the gift of life so real, that the emotions just couldn't be contained!

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