Sunday, January 23, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ TECH REVIEW => virtual Newspaper by @SmallRivers #Cool #HOTTECH

What Does STYLEZ Think?

Last night my wife was checking her twitter feed and discovered a few mentions about her latest author interview on her blog site, One of which included a "Top News Story" from a news site called WDWPUB: Thriller Daily! I was very surprised that a news site had already jumped on the blog posting, seeing as that my wife had only just posted it a few hours earlier!

So then when I inspected the site, it turned out every "news headline" or story was actually just a very well formated summary listing and link to the actual information. This intrigued me further to discover who created such a great, innovative website, and I noticed that "Bob" was the "editor" of the paper! From my experience, guys named "Bob" don't create great things like this and ONLY list themselves as Bob! Usually they have cooler nicknames like AstroBlur or Crash&Burn or ... WillieStylez! LOL!

Anyway, I dug a little deeper... ok, didn't have to look to deep since the top of the page showed this:

So I clicked it and ended up on the website and found out that it was a SUPER COOL and FREE, new web service that let you "Read Twitter and Facebook as a Daily Newspaper"!

The site is very well organized and setup to allow you to auto-authenticate using Facebook or Twitter credentials (I think more and more I appreciate that function on most websites, one less password to remember!). Once you setup your new account, you are off and running with the ability to create multiple "newspapers" using everything from, your full Twitter feed, twitter lists, hashtags and in beta testing, Facebook feeds! It even includes a cool widget you can post on your other websites and blogs:

The newspaper is generated by using a link aggregation function which essentially takes all of the links people have posted in your selected feed and summarizes, categorizes and even generates thumbnail and/or photo previews from the links! Plus there's two really cool sections that generate picture and video feeds! All in all, it's a great (and cool) way to get a bird's eye view on a topic or feed and may become your favorite way to read YOUR Twitter/Facebook timeline!

So that is what Stylez thinks! What do you think?

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Monday, January 17, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS => About Android versus iPhone

So What Does Stylez Think?

I was on Facebook today and found this posting from LifeHacker website

Have you switched from Android to iPhone? Let us know how it went (what worked, what didn't, etc.).

Now, after re-reading that question about 12 times, I realized that they REALLY SAID "Have you switched from Android TO iPhone"!!! I'm still convinced it was a typo, because that has got to be the most BACKWARD question ever asked by a technology web magazine! Of course, the comments went NUTS! Of course I had to join in because its what us techies do!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ GETS FIT => A Challenging Weekend But...

Well, last night, what can I say about last night!? Well, I'd rather start with Friday! Friday was a very busy day for me. It started out pretty good with a great weigh-in and an even better outlook on the future! I even got in an 18min workout with my wife!
Well, after eating my delicious Rich Cocoa MiM, it was a wrap! LOL! I spent like the next 8 hours, no food, no drink! NOT good at all when you are on a High protein-Low Carb diet! On this kind of diet (and really in any lifestyle) you need to eat every 3 to 4 hours minimum! And if nothing else, you need to maintain your water intake of 1 to 2 cups of water every 3 hours. So yea, that was bad. Then to make it worse, I ended the day with a very small portion of food, which included pineapples! Pineapples are a no-no at dinner time (or anytime after about 1PM or 2PM)!
Anyway, things didn't get any better Saturday! SMH! I knew Saturday was going to present some challenges, meal wise since I had a lot of running around to do! Well, boy was I RIGHT! Turned out it wasn't a bad day for frequency or number of meals. It was just a bad day for WHAT I was eating! It started with my early afternoon snack! Now, really this isn't a horrible thing, but still, after eating pineapples for breakfast, I ended up drinking OJ (ok, so it was only a couple ounces, but still)! So that jumped my carb intake for the day through the proverbial roof, very early!
Now the day progressed, and with my wife at work, I had the babies. And they can be very distracting sometimes (in a good way of course). So I had to entertain them, feed & cloth them for the running around we had to do, and still accomplish a few items off my to-do list! After making it through all that, it was time for running around the metro area!
First we went to a Bowling party. That was OK, until my son failed to finish eating his lunch there! Next thing I know, I have a handful of crinkle cut French Fries in my mouth!!! Yes, crinkle cut! I KNOW, they are the thicker fries! PLUS it had ketchup on it! SMDH! If you know me, I'm a French fry fiend! So yes, I've been craving them for weeks! LOL!
Anyway, I somehow avoided the cake portion of the party (yay me!) and we moved on! I planned to "quickly" pickup a couple things at Walmart. But that turned into an hour long ordeal of waiting in line with broken cash registers! ARRRGH, stress is a diet killer! Luckily (again) I avoided grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips because by then I was starved! So we get home to drop off the Walmart items, and we turn right back around to head to the city (Detroit)! The good thing is, my wife had left an Atkins Vanilla Shake in the fridge, so I was able to quench my hunger with that and a bottle of water on the ride to the city!
So we get to my god-mother's house and the kids are playing with their cousins, while I worked on my god-mother's computer and watched her play Wii Bowling with my 4YO son. Before I knew it, it was after 9PM and I was supposed to be at my cousin's house for a party! So I headed over there and picked up ... you guessed it ... ALCOHOL! I know, I know! Alcoholic beverages are HIGH, HIGH, HIGH in carbs!
And to make things EVEN worse, I decided, in all my infinite wisdom, to eat SPAGHETTI! Yea, I know, I know! LOL! All in all, my grand (failure of a) meal equaled more carbs and calories in a single meal than I probably ate in TWO days prior! But you live and learn. I got home and I was EXHAUSTED, just DRUNK ON CARBS! LOL!
So this morning, I crawled out of bed. Did my morning ritual of going to the rest room, then cleaning my self up and taking my allergy med and nasal decongestant. So I decided to see how much I had plunged myself into diet depression ....
Well, if you looked at my weigh-in numbers, you noticed! I actually lost TWO POUNDS since my last weigh-in!!! YES! I mean, I am not celebrating my ability to cheat on my diet! I am still highly upset and disappointed with myself for yesterday! But I am happy to see that I can still lose weight which means that my body (and metabolism) is fully activated and burning calories at an accelerated level at all times! Ketosis can be a beautiful thing!
Anyway, take it from me, sometimes it's good to cut loose (a little) and have a "cheat" day! But make sure you have achieved a short-term goal and are truly able to control your diet. If you find yourself still craving most of your NO Foods, then you should definitely continue to avoid them until you can safely eat them without binging or falling completely off the "wagon". Until then, keep working at your goals and make eating healthy and working out, not just a temporary weight management goal, but a lifestyle change!

Friday, January 14, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ RECIPES => No Sugar Added Cream Cheese Frosting #SweetTreat #Yummy

No Sugar Added Cream Cheese Frosting
1 ounce of cream cheese, softened
2 teaspoons butter, softened
2 or 3 packets - Splenda No Calorie Sweetner
1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. In a medium bowl, cream together the cream cheese and butter until creamy.
  2. Mix in the vanilla
  3. Gradually stir in the no calorie sweetner.
 Yields 2 servings. Store unused portion in the refrigerator.

via a personally modified version of regular Cream Cheese Frosting!

This is a great tasting frosting that's very low in sugar. Tastes just like the regular version and this recipe gives you a very small and manageable amount for the single dieter.

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WILLIE STYLEZ GETS FIT => My Physical Fitness Goals

I decided recently (with the help of an upcoming trip to the Bahamas) that I have had enough. I weighed approximately 315lbs (not sure because my home scale only goes to 308.5 and that was the last weight at a gym). Officially started my Exercise plan on December 22, 2010. Officially started my diet on January 1, 2011. As of January 9th, I had lost approximately 13lbs! My goal is to reach my optimal weight of 240lbs in the next 12 to 16 weeks! On January 11th, I lost 1lb and also lost 1% body fat (from 44% to 43%).

It's been a couple days since I last weighed in, which I think is good, because I think I do better when I wait at least a week between weigh-ins! I checked out the Wii Active Challenge that I created on,,  found out that 24 participants signed up! YAY! I'm really excited about that and its very motivating to think that so many people are in this with you! Anyway, I've been sleeping less & less each day, so I really need to work on that! As much as I love the benefits of a longer day, it makes for a tough morning only getting 4 hours of sleep! Welp, I better hit the hay now! Gotta a big day to rest up for!

By the way, I have been doing AWESOME on my diet. No real slip-ups, staying on track with my water intake, and recording everything with Fat Secret for Android & Facebook! I LOVE that the mobile & social apps are so well integrated with the website! Anyway, I'm out, gotta record one more meal in FatSecret, then off to bed I go!

UPDATE: OK, so I couldn't resist weighing in after writing this post. I have lost another 2 pounds and 2% body fat! I'm down to 299lbs & 41% body fat!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HOT DEALS => HP Laptops and Mini's -> STARTING AT $387

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·             Intel Atom N455 Processor (1.66GHz)
·             1GB DDR3 system memory
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => Reversals of the Earths Magnetic Poles!

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

In light of the recent news about airports closing runways due to Magnetic Pole Shift on the Earth, I decided to read more about its effects. Check out this interesting writeup about Magnetic Reversals on the Earth from British Geological Survey.

It reveals a lot of information about what is happening and why, as well as answer's some common questions regarding the effectiveness of the Earth's Magnetic Poles. I know a lot of people are so upset and afraid about what's going on in the Earth, with the birds and fish dying and now this. So I just wanted to at least clear up some concerns about this issue. We're not at (the proverbial) "2012" just yet!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Please leave your comments and read more after the break!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => Rick Ross to be new face of Sean John

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I don't know about Ross being the new "FACE" of Sean John, but he is DEF the new "BELLY" of that clothing line! SMDH! I have to admit, it is a VERY smart move! No one else (in their right mind) would put Ross in the spotlight as a clothing line spokesmodel (... except NIKE's greedy asses)! So this is THE BEST way to keep your managed artist relevant without making him go to jail or going to drug rehab (which seems to be the other 2 fave ways to keep a recording artists name poppin)!

That is what Stylez thinks! Read More after the Jump and/or leave a comment!

Monday, January 3, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ HOT MUSIC (VIDEO) REVIEW => "I've Arrived" by Ro Spit (@ohshitrospit) #HOTTRACK

What does STYLEZ think?

A perennial favorite & heat maker, here in Detroit, Ro Spit has been "spittin" fire on the rap game for some time. And it's great to see him featured on a national level with the likes of Statik Selektah and Frank The Butcher! This song, "I've Arrived" is a TRUE BANGER and goes hard from start to finish! Ro is a great rhymer and lyricist and knows how connect with his audience! Check him out on Twitter (@OhShitRoSpit), Facebook ( and his own website ( for more on the Ro Spit movement!

That is what STYLEZ thinks, what do you think? Please comment!

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