Friday, May 15, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 15 - Where Will You Be In 5 Years

Day 15: Where Will You Be In 5 Years
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Before yesterday, I just had a vague idea of where and what I wanted in my life, over the next five years. I mean, it was clear enough, that I wanted to be "successful", "have less debt", "find new heights to reach in my career"! But I didn't really have a PLAN!

Now, I know I need a plan! I need a plan to begin to find myself, my goals and my future! I know I need to really scope out, HOW I'm going to find these things, WHEN I'm going to do specific things, and WHAT those specific things are!

I also now know, I have to be active in my plan! "A Plan without Action, is just a Dream wasted!" And I don't want to waste the dream I live in. I don't want the things I have accomplished, and the life I have built, to be lost because I didn't do what was necessary to fulfill the plan!

I also know, I need to be reevaluating and modifying the plan, whenever necessary! Life can throw so many curveballs at you that when you think you have it all figured, you can be beaned in the head and knocked out (or knocked down) by the pressure! Change and unforeseen catastrophe can also cause needs for readjustment and adaptability! If you can be adaptable, be retaught, you can succeed at anything!

And finally, I need to be patient with things that I have no Direct control of! There's so many things we have no direct control of, so we have to have patience to let those things work themselves out and be worked, around us. That way, we can find our own end-game, without being distracted and dismayed by the things we can't control! We, of course, want to be conscious of them, but only time will allow those things to be worked out. But always keep in mind, how does that thing affect me, and you may grow to realize you have some INdirect influence over those things! You do what's right for you, your life, and your future, some things will line right up... at the right time!

In 5 Years, I want to be HAPPY, I want to be COMPLETE, and I want to be SUCCESSFUL! I have my own definitions of those words...hopefully you have your own definitions of them, too! We have a destiny, some say we can control it, others say we cannot! But I do know one thing ... we CAN shape it! And if the shape is not quite the geometric object you intended...start reshaping it NOW! It's pliable, and it's flexible! Make it happen..for you, and for those you love!

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