Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things That Make You Go HMMMM!!! Random Questions & Answers By STYLEZ!

So I was bouncing along through the INTERNETS again today and found a friend asking all these (rhetorical I guess) questions. Just random musings and thoughts! So, you know I had to put my 4 1/2 cents in (2 cents is never enough for Stylez!). Anyway, here the questions, my answers and hey why don't you comment with some of your own answers to some of these POIGNANT questions! (keep in mind, I DID NOT author the questions)  ==>>

How come young ladies don't wear girdles anymore? (It isn't suppose to jiggle, you know)

-- Because they mommas wanted to be FREE from the girdle, so they were never TAUGHT to wear one! So now they think the jiggle is cute! (well, on some ppl IT IS! LOL)


Why doesn't anyone seem to remember that thick and fat are two different things? (YEAH, there is a difference)

-- if your friends call you this interchangeably...YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS! LOL!


Why is it that men can ALWAYS find a lady to be with but it is WAY harder for a lady to get a man?

-- Im actually not sure WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT here! If you feel this way, you need to get out more! SMH! I know more ladies w/ men comin out their ears... they just choose to ignore them! Sometimes though, its good they ignore them fools! SMH!


Why don't we have those flying cars like the Jetsons yet?

-- I wanna know that too!


Why is healthy food more expensive than the junk food? Shouldn't be the other way around to promoting a healthy lifestyle?

-- Its just like healthcare, THE MONEYS IN THE MEDICINE, NOT THE CURE! 


So......who is Justin Bieber? And why is he so popular?

-- LMAO! Be quiet or a Bieber stan will cut you! He's just another kid that will be cracked out on smack in about 3 years, and we'll be watching an E! True Hollywood Story, going emm, emm, emm, that boy had so much going for him back in 2010!


Why do rude waiters & waitresses still expect a tip after giving bad service? Here's a tip: be pleasant!

-- RIGHT! #Concur 


Why do people expect you to do more than what they are willing to do for you?

-- One word... SELFISH!


Why is the Bible so difficult for me to read?

-- You KNOW its written in code! LOL! But hey, find a good pastor or religious organization and they will clear it up for you!


Ok, Why do I always fall asleep when trying to read the Bible? (don't act like it is just me...you do it too)

-- SMH! **raising hand** BUT, I do that on EVERY book I read! (SMH again, yall goin to hell! LOL! j/k)


Why can't you make a spouse like in The Stepford Wives movie?

-- Hmmmm, thats a good idea. But you know they are close w/ those life size, life like dolls you can get now. They come in Female AND Male now! There's hope for you lonely suckers! LOL! j/k


What kind of milk did Adam and Eve drink? And were they lactose intolerant?

-- LMAO! SMH! They were perfect, so Im sure they drank brontosaurus milk and it was DELICIOUS to them! LOL!


If Adam and Eve were the first humans... who did their kids marry?

-- unfortunately... their OWN siblings! SMH! But they were all they had, so (eewwww) incest was cool back then!


Why are so many people settling for that 20% when they can have patient and wait on the 80%? (Y'all saw Why did I get married, so you know what I mean)

-- You already said it... NO patience! We live in a NOW, NOW, NOW society!


Why does it seem easier for a lady to has 6 or 7 kids to settle down with a man (WHO WANTS TO MARRY HER) than it is for a woman who has one kid?

-- Hey! My wife had a gaggle of kids when I married her! LOL! But that is definitely a phenomena! Because you can have a variety of things going on in that situation. Like mine was, my wife was married, and left her husband, thus the single w/ kids. But she was taking care of her business! And you have some that are widows that really have no choice (I have a friend like that, had a big happy family full of kids, then the father died!). But then you have the ones that are immature and are having a gang of kids for no reason w/ no hope of taking care of them w/o FIA! Thats a toss up!


Why do women withhold sex from their spouse then get mad when the spouse goes and gets sex elsewhere? HELLO?!

-- Im married, Im happy, no comment! LOL!


Why do women like "bad boys"?

-- You know that's all about the excitement factor! The pheremones and the spontaneity! But then you end up with the disappointment and the disaster! SMH!


Why do people say it isn't the size that matters....WHEN IT IS!

-- LMAO! They TRYING to be nice! LOL!


Why do designers make clothes that are intended for a size 2 in a size 22?

-- Big Girls wanna look sexy too! And their willing to pay the extra for it too! Two words... CHA CHING!


How do people become scared of their minor children?

-- SMH! That's a damn shame! I will NEVER let my kid get to the point where they THINK they gonna run me! But some people just don't have what it takes to be good parents! OR they let a kid get so outta hand, they turn into a NIGHTMARE!


Why is it so hard to forgive and forget? and how come it is like a daily battle?

-- OMG, RIGHT! I feel you on that! But its because we are human, we can "act" like we forgive, but we never forget! A grudge is hard to shake!


Why am I a night owl?

-- LOL! Me TOO! It's in our blood I'm sure! LOL!


Why do they say that Gemini's are crazy?

-- Because... THEY ARE! LOL!


How come people always realize they had a good thing once it is gone? How come you don't learn to appreciate the person while you have them in your life?

-- because like breathing, when something is just naturally there, and you start to forget how REALLY important it is, you take it for granted... until somebody cuts it off!


Why do women brag about being re-virginized? Isn't that the word? Truth be told doesn't that mean that you were blew out and the doc had to sew you back up so your uterus won't fall out?

-- Yea... NO COMMENT! SMH!


Why is it cool to be on public assistance? When I was a kid it was not something to brag about.

-- OMG RIGHT! We used to get capped on ALL DAY when I was kid growin up on Welfare! Now ITS what's HOT in the Hood! SMH! Ignorance!


Why does it seem that all politicians are corrupt individuals...and why do we still vote for them?

-- politicians have ALWAYS been corrupt, its what makes a GOOD politician! Agendas! SMH!


Why do women have multiple babies with a no good man and say after this last baby he is going to do right by them.....Dang, don't y'all have four already?

-- LOL! But that's the delusion people live in with relationships. Instead of realizing you are NEVER gonna change that man; not with a kid (or 4), not with marriage, not with a new hair style, not with a menage a trois (I don't care if HE SAID he will be good after the 3-some, damn fool); nothing is going to change him... but a new woman! So get out while you are ahead and let him go find (and annoy the hell out of) her! LOL!


Why do people dirty up the innercity and as soon as you cross into the suburbs you wanna keep that city clean? Hey, don't you LIVE here? Keep your own city clean!

-- Yea, that's CRAZY! But its the same reason some ppl live in filth at home, but they are the cleanest people at work or over their friend's house! It don't make sense, but strangely... it does! SMH!


Really, where are all the good black men? Where are the good fathers?

-- **raising hand** RIGHT HERE! :)


Why are we failing a generation of children and how can we fix it?

-- WHEW! That's a tough question, but I am starting to believe we have got to stop SPOILING our children! A lot of us that didn't HAVE coming up, but now we do, so we give our kids the world! And rightfully so... but when your kid doesn't appreciate it! It's time to start making them suffer and going without! That's the only way they will start to appreciate what they get! But they also have to be cut off from the bad influences of the world. Their "friends", commercials, music videos, and any other negative and "ignorance endorsing" activities/media. Then make them start READING! All that is tough, but I think that is a good start to get kids turned around.


Why is being "ghetto" now considered cool?

-- OMG, don't even get me started!


Do you know what ghetto really means and that we use it incorrectly?

-- RIGHT! Because ppl don't read! Or care to know what things mean. They just like jumping on the bandwagon and saying stuff! Look at the n-word! Bandwagon mentality!


Why am I still awake?

-- Insomniac! LOL!


How come it takes forever to clean up the house and minutes to dirty up?

-- LOL! I think that's a physics problem! LOL!


How do they name Hurricanes?

-- check out this site! http://geology.com/hurricanes/hurricane-names.shtml


Why haven't they named a hurricane, Shaniqua?

-- LOL! Im sure its coming soon! LOL!


Why does negative news sell better than something positive?

-- because we live in a negative society! We THRIVE on negativity in our lives and in the lives of others! As most people how their day went, and 9 times out of 10 (sometimes 10/10) you will get a full report of the "bad" or negative things that happened!


Why is it so much easier to find a bad male influence for my son than a positive one? Seriously!



How come we weren’t born old and get younger with knowledge...like in the movie Benjamin Button?

-- That would be interesting! I need to see that movie!


Why do I get all those Viagra junk mails when I do not visit any porn sites?

-- riiiggght! yea, you stick to that story! LOL!


Why are good friends so hard to find and it is so easy to make an enemy?

-- because people can't stand to see other people happy! Once you think you have a friend, soon as you are doing well, they will become a hater! Once you get a man, they will try to break you up, sometimes trying to take the person for themselves! Once you get something for you, they will have to compete w/ you! Its SAD but TRUE... but also means... (you should already know this is coming) YOU NEED NEW FRIENDS!!! LOL!


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ULTIMATE IGNORANCE - "Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z & Drake" - Please Tell This Man To SIT DOWN!

For real B. Sigel... You wanted a GROWN ASS MAN to take responsibility for your punk ass!!! SMH! Thats STUPID! YOU STUPID for thinking that would have been "real" for that OTHER MAN to take responsibility for your kiddie, playground mentality, I'm such a thug but I can't KEEP GETTING CAUGHT on technicalities lookin ass... Whatever bro! You sound like you drinking haterade & stupid juice! "Oh I'm gonna put out a diss DVD on everybody that's FREE!" That is the problem with the ignorant, "can't get out of jail for 5 minutes", fools now! They think EVERYBODY owe them something! YOU messed up, YOU went to jail, YOU did dirt when you could have been a millionaire! Don't blame EVERYONE else because they don't support STUPIDITY! I am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED of ignorant comments like this! Thanks a lot Beanie Mack for setting us all back another 50 years! GREAT JOB, lil homie! SMH!

That's What STYLEZ Thinks! What Do You Think?

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

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HOT MUSIC (VIDEO) REVIEW - Teairra Mari - Over (YES an R&B singer remixes Drake's Over)

Yes, you see that right, Teairra Mari has remixed Drake's Over and it is HOT! Well, least I think the video is pretty frickin hot! LOL! Check it out, see what you think! I think she just needs a little more time to make her name in the biz. A lot of people are liking her Sponsor song, and just “discovering” her. But we will see how well her new label promotes her!

For more Teairra Mari info see her Wiki - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teairra_MarĂ­

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks! What Do You Think?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids Make It RAIN... ON MOM!!! Ignorance at its UGLIEST!

So... yeah... I am watching this video, reading commentary from an Essence writer (who definitely understands my beef with this video, read her comment at http://goo.gl/PDEd) and all I'm thinking, Hoping, PRAYING, is that this IS NOT, CAN NOT be their mother!!! Please LORD, JEHOVAH, let this woman be their ill-advised big sister, or better yet ignorant-ass baby sitter so that she can be fired and NEVER see these poor children again!

What's ULTIMATELY disturbing to me is the fact that not only is she gyrating a whole lot of womanly ... assets ... in front of their faces (which at one point she almost rebirthed the 2YO) but the baby appears to be putting the fake money into her pants! Like WTF! Where did this baby see and/or learn to do that!?!

Another TRULY DISTURBING turn of events is when the older kid (who not only knows the WORDS to 5-Star BITCH) decides its time to spray whip cream on this woman. Like here hoe, take that, take that! Then the chick pours MAC & CHEESE ALL OVER HERSELF! (I apologize for all the caps, but DAMN!)

And when I didn't think it could get any worse! She decides its time to oil her belly and... well, let's just say this video has got to be one of the most disturbing and ignorant displays I have ever seen. I am not sure what was on her mind, but PLEASE LORD, PLEASE don't ever allow her to procreate AGAIN!

And in conclusion, I have to ask the question, some people may not even notice this part... but what adult or older teen was OK with this??? What do I mean, you may ask? Well, check out the video. This was not a Tripod production, the camera was moving! So there is another person in this room, thinking this was all OK, in some sick sort of way. Or maybe they were just getting evidence for CPS! I can only hope the latter is true! SMH!

I can agree with the Essence writer, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is a family joke gone astray. BUT, who in the hell decides that something this ignorant, should go on WorldStarHipHop.com for the whole world to see? People; black, white, brown and yellow; we gotta do better than this! SMH!

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks. What Do You Think?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's New With BuyMoreGadgetz!

We have been posting new information each week on the Fan Page and want you to look forward to more updates more often from BuyMoreGadgetz!

Check out our latest posting at Blog.BuyMoreGadgetz.com where Stylez reviews information about the latest slates from Samsung!


Also coming real soon, we are going to have tips, tricks, Willie Stylez Tech Reviews, and Technology News that affects you! Also, if you have any specific requests for technology assistance, please do not hesitate to post it at www.AskWillieStylez.com! Our resident expert and founder will be more than happy to assist you! Or if you would like Stylez to review, give some insight on, or endorse/denounce a tech product out there, shoot an email to: stylez@askwilliestylez.com

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WILLIE STYLEZ TECH REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Come In 7, 8 and 10-Inch Models?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Come In 7, 8 and 10-Inch Models?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Come In 7, 8 and 10-Inch Models?What difference does an inch make? If you ask Samsung, quite a bit apparently. The leaked 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet will be joined by an 8-inch and 10-inch model several months after the August launch pitted for the 7-inch Android.

They'll go on sale first in South Korea in December, according to the Korea Herald, and will then be rolled out worldwide after that—presumably if the reception is favorable.

Leaked by the South African Twitter account for Samsung, all we know so far about the 7-incher is that it has "a high-res TFT screen," and "at the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack." Judging by the photo sent out on the Twitter account, it either has phone functionality or can be used with a VoIP handset. [Korea Herald via Samsung Hub via Phone Arena]

I am thinking that the 8" model is going to be more of a Premium counterpart to the 7", then the 10" will be their answer to the iPad. One of the comments on this posting mentioned, both 7 & 8 will be just as portable as any other large smartphone, but we all know that 9.7, 10 and 11.6 inch tablet/slates are not pocket friendly AT ALL!

One of the other commentors didn't like the fact that another 16:9 tablet was being released. I am not sure if he realizes that 16:9 everything (monitors, TVs, slates, laptops, etc) are all made because the "general public" is stuck on the widescreen (silver screen induced) craze! If someone released a square display on anything, talk about FLOP, it would be have RECORD lows in sales numbers because we are all now acclimated to wanting wide!

Anyway, we will see how it fares in Korea and see if we can get our hands on one here in The States!

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think? If you would like Stylez to review, give some insight on, or endorse/denounce a tech product out there, shoot an email to: stylez@askwilliestylez.com

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Slim Thug done PISSED off somebody! LOL! (Copy of Vandalized Wiki)

I was trolling the "INTERNETS" again and guess what I ran across! The vandalized Wikipedia article for Slim Thug (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slim_Thug). Apparently someone was VERY upset by Slim's Vibe.com rant (http://www.vibe.com/posts/slim-thug-black-women-need-stand-their-man-more) and decided to take action! I just so happened to have a copy of the page up when the Wikipedia folks reverted the page back to normal! So, to preserve the "integrity" of the "INTERNETS", I decided to give you what you want! LOL! Check it out! Don't worry, I didn't do it, I'm just reporting on it! LOL!

I love The-Dream! But this is why I HATE The-Dream!

I'm sorry, but I HATE The-Dream right now! He is a great artist, song writer, producer, etc. And in general, I love his style, his music and his albums have sat well with me. (OK, you knew it was coming) BUT! The-Dream went to far this time! SMH! I am sure you all have heard the song, if you haven't, check it out below. The-Dream, in his infinite wisdom, decided to remake the late, great, Aaliyah Dana Haughton's song "One In A Million". That would have been fine with me, however, after hearing the one thing I find wrong with the remake... is The-Dream's VOICE! SMH! Check it out:

I mean, #cmonson WTF were you thinking? He'd came out better if he would have let PINK sing the song and put Nicki Minaj on the track for no reason other than shock value! Matter fact, I'd go so far as to say, I would have given the job of singing to DRAKE's tone deaf ass, put Nicki on the break, let DJ Khaled screamin ass produce it, and ask T-Pain to back the whole project up! SMH! Can somebody say "RADIO KILLAH!" LMFAO! (Please, I hope that you all realize I'm kidding!)

Anyway, like I was telling a friend of mine on FB, I'm kinda mad at The-Dream too because ALL OF HIS songs are starting to sound the same now! He has NO originality or creativity left! Its a shame! Believe me, I have no problem with your voice or "style" being in the same zone for a few years... but he writes and produces most (if not all) of his own songs and literally they sound the same! Listen to all of his recent singles. Its like he has an old ass beat machine with like 4 sounds on it... that clap sound, that snap sound, that "radio killah" sound (WTF is a radio killah ANYWAY, LOL) and auto-tune! SMH! Its sad! LOL!

That's What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He Doesn't Want YOU, So WHY Do You Care!?!? - Why smart women need to stop listening to dumb men!

Why everytime a Black male celeb says something about he prefers non-black women, Black women act like that negro is our spokesperson? Black men still love Black women, ladies, stop using celebs as your "life" examples.

So I was "posted up" on Facebook yesterday and saw the above status update! OMG! It was one of the best statements I had read in weeks! PLUS it came from a VERY successful BLACK MAN in the movie & music industry! So I was DOUBLE impressed by the statement!

I TOTALLY agree with the point being made here. I can understand the disgust that black women may feel when they hear their favorite artist, actor or whatever, spout off about not wanting to be in a relationship with a woman of his same race. But what I don't understand is why does the feeling carry over to anger, hatred and jealousy of other women! Or why does it turn into a generalized feeling toward other men who may not feel the same way!?!?

As a member of "post-racial" America (*sarcasm*) I feel that we all need to start over looking skin-tone requirements; start getting away from racial, financial, cultural and religious discrimination; and really start loving people for who they are inside! However, not everyone feels like me (hence the sarcasm, and thought that even with a Black president, America is probably even more racially unjust than 20 years ago!)! So, realistically, all I can ask is:
- if you are not a celeb & you are from the hood, why do you care who these rich men want to date? If they DID date black women, how does that change life FOR YOU?
- why do you listen to ignorant men from radio & TV, then proceed to pass judgement on ever Tom, Dick & Leroy that you see on the street based on that?
- (this one's for the guys) Just because you see these athletes, musicians & actors talking crazy about why they aren't dating black women, DOES NOT mean you need to REPEAT these lame excuses like a damn fool!

So people, please, wake up, get a life of your own instead of living vicariously through these celebs! Believe me, they DON'T care about you or your life! And they can care less if you screw it up!

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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"Get Him to the Greek" - HILARIOUS & AWESOME MOVIE! Make sure you check it out!

I saw Get Him To The Greek this evening at a local theater. My wife won tickets and so we went to check it out! Surprisingly, it was a lot funnier than I expected. Doesn't quite match the wittiness and fast pace of Hangover, but it was kinda built similar! I would definitely recommend everyone check out this movie. I usually love comedies like this, but some people in the audience with me was loving it even more than I was. I even thought P. Diddy was running the city in this flick! LOL! Check out "Get Him to the Greek" and let me know what you think!

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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