Friday, May 27, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ TECH REVIEW => Sony's Android Tablets: Sony S1 & Sony S2


So What Does STYLEZ Think?
These Sony Android Tablets look pretty cool! Although the S2 reminds me of the Sprint Kyocera Echo, it has a sexier look and additional functionality that the Echo appears to be lacking. I am very interested to see how these fare in the real world!
The S1 is a 9.4in, slate-style, tablet with a custom Sony user interface on Android 3 Honeycomb, Nvidia Tegra 2 on the board, DLNA functionality, WiFi and 3G/4G capabilities. It appears to have a sleek glass look and feel in a wedge-shaped device. It is supposed to look like a folded magazine. It features an infrared sensor (dubiously missing from phones, tablets and other mobile devices over the past 2 or 3 years) which will allow it to control other devices in the house such as Sony Bravia TVs or Blu-Ray players! That is a huge plus! It is also Playstation certified so it will play 1st Gen Playstation games! And it also features dual-cams for snapshots, videos and making video calls.
As I stated before, the Sony S2 is a folding clamshell device with two 5.5-inch displays at 1024x480 pixels! It also runs Nvidia Tegra 2, a custom dual-screen interface on Android 3 Honeycomb, WiFi, 3G/4G, DLNA and is Playstation certified. The dual-screen interface allows you to do things like display messages on top and enter text on bottom screen. Or show a PS ONE game on top and control and manipulate the game from the bottom screen. It is purported to be small enough to fit inside a jacket pocket when folded despite its bulky appearance! The only downfall so far is this device only has one camera on the back for taking pics and video!
Look for these two sexy devices coming from Sony in the fall of 2011!
That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think?

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ HOT MUSIC REVIEW => Cory Gunz and Peter Gunz Freestyle! #HOTTRACK

What Does STYLEZ Think?

Take a look at this video of father & son, Peter Gunz & Cory Gunz, doin a little freestylin on the show "In Flex We Trust"! All I have to say is "WOOOOOW!" It was FIRE! Father & Son really put it down! They need to do a Like Father Like Son compilation! That would sell triple, quadruple, platinum and then some! GUNZ!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think?

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