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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The NO SNITCHING Movement... Its Time To MOVE IT OUT!

As usual, I am on Facebook scouring my friends' pages for things to "like" and comment on. Well I come across a comment where one of my friends wants to know if she should turn in a friend that did something illegal, or if she should take the fall! Well, of course there was a mix bag of responses:

  • tell her to turn him in
  • u know da streets...NO TELLN!!!
  • beat him senseless {LMFAO! of course that is my fave!}
  • turn him in she aint married to him i bet he wouldnt do it for her
  • He should MAN UP & pay the ticket and make sure it doesn't come back on her

So as I am reading all of this, I noticed comment #2 and it hits me! I'm like, are you trying to tell me you STILL believe in that wack ass NO SNITCHING movement! So of course, I was HEATED! I am so outraged that my own people would condone any of that "no snitch" mentality to still prevail in our communities. Its ignorant and its dangerous. I believe that if a person is involved in the crime and, to save their own skin, they decide to snitch on everyone else involved, that it should be punishable by CANING! LOL! Because thats some hard core snitching and should NOT BE TOLERATED! HOWEVER, if you are an innocent bystander and you are protecting your family and community by getting these people off the streets... then post haste, TURN THEM IN!

I have lost A LOT of love ones, friends, associates, etc to violent crime and the criminals weren't caught because some people thought it was "cool" not to snitch. So I am VERY passionate about snuffing out this mentality! It is a shame that our... parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents DIED to give us freedoms in this life but some of us choose to throw it all away... to KEEP IT REAL or to BE HOOD or whatever! I just feel like anytime and EVERY TIME is the right time to put it out there... WE GOT TO WAKE UP people! WAKE UP!

Anyway, below is what I told my friend about how to handle the situation and my feelings on "snitching"!

F-that, that aint snitchin, turn that MF in, he aint gonna have your back! and whoever think its snitchin, lets see YOU take one for the team! smh! that no snitchin shit is WEAK & STUPID! If you PART of the dirt, then yes, you need to get yo ass beat if you snitch, but if you innocent bystander, then its not snitchin, its protecting yourself!

No dissrespect BUT if you DONT snitch you STUPID... FLATOUT! I dont care WHAT BLOCK you THINK you from but NO ONE on "the block" is gonna do you a favor, pay your bills, make you rich, etc... REAL TALK! Its REAL LIFE out here people, its NOT A GAME! If you believe in that no snitch movement, MOVE OUT! That's a CHILDS game! And the police, the government, GOD, they dont have time and wont make time for games! If your life is LIMITED to a BLOCK then best believe this world is passing you by! REAL TALK! That's the problem with the youth today, they put so much emphasis on KEEP IT REAL, they dont realize that all this glossy shit is FAKE! I am a father, a businessman and a leader, NOT A FOLLOWER, and the only way to get out of that "ghetto" mentality is to STOP following people and ideas that 1) is not making you a better person 2) not helping your family OR community and 3) is not paying your bills, feeding you or making you financially stable! When they ready to do ALL OF THAT the let's talk!

Thats what STYLEZ thinks! What do you think? All comments and viewpoints are respectfully appreciated!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

A War For Your Soul - An EPIC in Black History! Watch This NOW!

This video is a MUST-SEE for all people, young & old! It is essential to understand where you have been before you can understand where you are going. And this video puts A LOT into perspective as to where our Black youth may be going if they do not wake up. Everyone needs to take heed to the message in this video and fully understand the repurcussions of their actions (and in-action). Make sure your sons, daughters, cousins, friends, whoever see this. It is a VERY POWERFUL message, is graphic, but not any worse than the videos and movies you are probably already watching on a regular basis anyway. The message is to powerful to ignore!


A War For Your Soul-regular version from Erisai Films on Vimeo.

A filmmaker and public speaker, Reggie Bullock is a vibrant voice and accomplished role model for the youth of today. On March 15, 2009, Reggie’s short film "A War For Your Soul" was independently released on the internet, and has catapulted as a “stirring, epic and inspirational” video for today’s generation”. Over 2.5 million internet viewers have watched “A War For Your Soul” in nine months. The video has garnered praise from mayors, city leaders, youth and civic organizations from Ghana, Israel, the Caribbean, U.K. and other countries for sparking dialogue in encouraging adults to play a more active role in educating children. 

On Oct. 14th, Popular radio host Michael Baisden said "This is a must see film".

Reggie is currently active as a noted speaker, conducting speaking engagements throughout the country. For speaking engagements contact or 

This video was created to inspire young at-risk African-Americans not to fall prey to some of the problems they face in society. The "Master of Darkness" represents that abstract concept of evil that has the potential to reside in the consciousness of mankind.

The use of the images of Richard Pryor and NAS, were used to show how we have publicly displayed the "N" word over the course of time. Richard Pryor, before his death, had gone on record to publicly denounce his use of the word, and the Rapper NAS ( one of the few socially conscious rappers ) intentions of wearing the jacket had nothing to do with the glorification of the word. I have enjoyed some of Pryor's masterful story telling and I have also enjoyed some of the thought provoking music from NAS.

This video should not to be used to divide people (Black & White). 
This video should not be used to criticize all aspects of hip-hop culture.
This video should not be used to allow the rest of society to escape from their responsibility, to help with financial & academic support. 

If used properly, this video will allow our youth to see some of the horrific conditions that their ancestors fought through and some of the horrific conditions they face today.

An extensive commentary about the film can be seen at




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I don't care what the ground hog saw at the beginning of this month, according to MY calander spring begins March 20, 2010! So it is time to get ready for gardening, landscaping and freshening your home for all your spring and summer gatherings. What better way to stock up on your home and garden decor needs then by shopping with We ship anywhere in the USA via FedEx/UPS.  I have added some beautiful new fountains, benches and garden decor to the site please check them out. On top of the already low prices you save an additional 30% when you use coupon code SAVE30 at checkout! 

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A young mother fetches water for her thirsty family, while at her knee, her young daughter watches the sparkling cascades. This scenic blend of lush color and flowing water brightens any corner of your favorite room! AC 120v 60 HZ electrical pump. Weight 2 lbs. Polyresin. Pump included. UL Recognized 7-1/4" x 4-1/2" x 9-3/8" high. $59.95

Bring a burst of color to your garden! Embossed earthenware flower pots are sumptuous in shades of azure, topaz and peridot. Set includes three separate sizes to hold a variety of your favorite greenery! Drain hole at bottom of each pot.Bring a burst of color to your garden! Embossed earthenware flower pots are sumptuous in shades of azure, topaz and peridot. Set includes three separate sizes to hold a variety of your favorite greenery! Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Our Price: $49.95 Item: 38899 In Stock

Fill the opulently trimmed tiers with lush greenery, then add water to create a stunning splashing fountain. Lightweight plastic has the rich look of well-weathered cast bronze. Hook on back for hanging. Pump included. Plastic. 15 3/4" diameter x 25 1/2" high. SetUL RecognizedFill the opulently trimmed tiers with lush greenery, then add water to create a stunning splashing fountain. Lightweight plastic has the rich look of well-weathered cast bronze. Hook on back for hanging. Pump included. Plastic. 15 3/4" diameter x 25 1/2" high. SetUL Recognized Our Price: $79.95 Item: 39788 In Stock

Quaint weathered timber construction lends the look of a country classic; a sturdy roof shelters you from the elements. Max. weight capacity: 660 lbs. Weight 82 lbs. Fir wood. May Require Additional Freight Charge. Some Assembly Required. 60" x 25" x 81 1/2" high.Quaint weathered timber construction lends the look of a country classic; a sturdy roof shelters you from the elements. Max. weight capacity: 660 lbs. Weight 82 lbs. Fir wood. May Require Additional Freight Charge. Some Assembly Required. 60" x 25" x 81 1/2" high. Our Price: $299.95 Item: 13070 In Stock

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TwitStamp - Generate GREAT Twitter widgets with NO JavaScript


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HOT DEAL ALERT - Acer 5635-6897 Pro Notebook ONLY $600

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Acer Extensa 5635-6897 Professional Notebook
The Extensa 5635 notebook is a practical choice for a small or medium business.  Ideal for the busy professional, the Extensa 5635 offers dual-core processing power and provides the perfect balance between price and performance.


ONLY $600

SKU: EX56356897W7P

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6570 (2MB L2 cache, 2.10GHz, 800MHz FSB)
  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit), downgrade right to Windows XP Professional
  • 3GB (2/1) DDR3 1066 SDRAM
  • 250GB SATA hard drive, 5400RPM
  • DVD ReWriter
  • 5-in-1 memory card reader
  • 15.6" (1366 x 768) TFT Widescreen LCD Display with LED backlight
  • Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
  • WiFi 802.11n
  • 6-Cell Li-Ion Battery
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • McAfee Internet Security Suite Trial
  • 1yr Limited Warranty

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HP Compaq 515 Laptop - ONLY $450

HP Compaq 515 Notebook
Product Model:   FN077UT#ABA
Product Name:   515 Notebook 
HP Compaq 515 Notebook

Affordable Mobility. Gain exceptional business value with 515 Notebook, AMD Business Class Solutions, 14" HD display, all at a price that's sure to impress. This notebook helps keep your business connected and productive without breaking your budget.

Processor & Chipset
AMD Athlon X2 QL-66 2.20 GHz Dual-core
  • PowerNow Technology
  • AMD64 Technology
  • AMD Virtualization

  • Bus Speed:   1800 MHz
    L2 Cache:   1 MB
    Chipset Manufacturer:   AMD
    Chipset Model:   RS780MN

    Standard Memory:   2 GB DDR2 SDRAM
    Number of Total Memory Slots:   2

    Memory Card Support: 
    MultiMediaCard (MMC)
    Secure Digital (SD) Card

    Hard Drive Capacity:   160 GB Serial ATA/300 5400 RPM
    Optical Drive: DVD RW SuperMulti Dual-Layer LightScribe Drive

    Screen Size:   14" WXGA Active Matrix TFT Color LCD LED BrightView Widescreen (1366 x 768)
    Graphics Controller Manufacturer:   ATi Radeon HD 3200
    Wired:  10/100 FastEthernet NIC
    Wireless: Broadcom 4311BG b/g 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Adapter
    Expansion Slot Type:   ExpressCard/34
    Keyboard Size:   Standard Size
    Pointing Device Type:   TouchPad


  • 1 x RJ-45 Network
  • 1 x DC Power Input
  • 1 x 15-pin HD-15 VGA
  • 1 x Mini-phone Audio Out
  • 1 x Mini-phone Microphone
  • 3 x 4-pin Type A USB 2.0 - USB

  • Battery: 6-cell Li-Ion 47 Wh (4 Hour Max Run-Time)
    Dimensions:   1.26" Height x 13.23" Width x 9.21" Depth

    Package Contents:  

  • 515 Notebook
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Power Cord

  • Security Features:  
  • SpareKey
  • Disk Sanitizer
  • Setup Password
  • Power-On Password
  • DriveLock
  • Kensington Lock Slot

  • Green Compliance:   Yes
  • EPEAT Gold
  • RoHS
  • WEEE
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    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    HOT Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Deal - ONLY $449

    Inspiron 15 Laptop
    Intel® Pentium® Dual Core™ T4400 (2.2GHz/800MHz FSB/1MB cache)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
    Bright, glossy widescreen 15.6 WLED display (1366x768)
    8X CD/DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)
    3GB RAM (Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz)
    250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD
    High Definition Audio 2.0
    Dell Wireless 1397 802.11g Half Mini-Card
    6-cell battery
    Jet Black
    1 Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
    No Webcam Option
    Inspiron 15 Laptop
    Regular Price $673
    Instant Savings $224
    YOUR PRICE - $449
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    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Little Known Moment In Black History - Henrietta Lacks, Unwitting Heroine of Modern Medical Science

    Page 1 of 4.   1  2  3  4  

    On Feb. 1, 1951, Henrietta Lacks--mother of five, native of rural southern Virginia, resident of the Turner Station neighborhood in Dundalk--went to Johns Hopkins Hospital with a worrisome symptom: spotting on her underwear. She was quickly diagnosed with cervical cancer. Eight months later, despite surgery and radiation treatment, the Sparrows Point shipyard worker's wife died at age 31 as she lay in the hospital's segregated ward for blacks.

    Not all of Henrietta Lacks died that October morning, though. She unwittingly left behind a piece of herself that still lives today.

    While she was in Hopkins' care, researchers took a fragment of Lacks' tumor and sliced it into little cubes, which they bathed in nutrients and placed in an incubator. The cells, dubbed "HeLa" for Henrietta Lacks, multiplied as no other cells outside the human body had before, doubling their numbers daily. Their dogged growth spawned a breakthrough in cell research; never before could investigators reliably experiment on such cell cultures because they would weaken and die before meaningful results could be obtained. On the day of Henrietta's death, the head of Hopkins' tissue-culture research lab, Dr. George Gey, went before TV cameras, held up a tube of HeLa cells, and announced that a new age of medical research had begun--one that, someday, could produce a cure for cancer.

    When he discovered HeLa could survive even shipping via U.S. mail, Gey sent his prize culture to colleagues around the country. They allowed HeLa to grow a little, and then sent some to their colleagues. Demand quickly rose, so the cells were put into mass production and traveled around the globe--even into space, on an unmanned satellite to determine whether human tissues could survive zero gravity.

    In the half-century since Henrietta Lacks' death, her tumor cells--whose combined mass is probably much larger than Lacks was when she was alive--have continually been used for research into cancer, AIDS, the effects of radiation and toxic substances, gene mapping, and countless other scientific pursuits. Dr. Jonas Salk used HeLa to help develop his polio vaccine in the early '50s. The cells are so hardy that they took over other tissue cultures, researchers discovered in the 1970s, leading to reforms in how such cultures are handled. In the biomedical world, HeLa cells are as famous as lab rats and petri dishes.

    Yet Henrietta Lacks herself remains shrouded in obscurity. Gey, of course, knew HeLa's origins, but he believed confidentiality was paramount--so for years, Henrietta's family didn't know her cells still lived, much less how important they had become. After Gey died in 1970, the secret came out. But it was not until 1975, when a scientifically savvy fellow dinner-party guest asked family members if they were related to the mother of the HeLa cell, that Lacks' descendants came to understand her critical role in medical research.

    The concept was mind-blowing--in a sense, it seemed to Lacks' family, she was being kept alive in the service of science. "It just kills me," says Henrietta's daughter, Deborah Lacks-Pullum, now 52 and still living in Baltimore, "to know my mother's cells are all over the world."

    In the 27 years since the Lacks family serendipitously learned of Henrietta's unwitting contribution, little has been done to honor her. "Henrietta Lacks Day" is celebrated in Turner Station each year on Feb. 1. In 1996, prompted by Atlanta's Morehouse College, that city's mayor proclaimed Oct. 11 Henrietta Lacks Day. The following year, Congress passed a resolution in her memory sponsored by Rep. Robert Ehrlich (R-Md.), whose 2nd District includes Turner Station, and the British Broadcasting Corp. produced a documentary on her remarkable story. Beyond that, however, virtually nothing has been done to celebrate Lacks' contribution--not even by Hopkins, which gained immeasurable prestige from Gey's work with her cells.

    Lacks-Pullum is bitter about this. "We never knew they took her cells, and people done got filthy rich [from HeLa-based research], but we don't get a dime," she says. The family can't afford a reputable lawyer to press its case for some financial stake in the work. She says she has appealed to Hopkins for help, and "all they do is pat me on my shoulder and put me out the door."

    Hopkins spokesperson Gary Stephenson is quick to point out that Hopkins never sold HeLa, so it didn't make money from Henrietta's contribution. Still, he says, "there are people here who would like something done, and I'm hoping that at some point something will be done in a formal way to note her very, very important contribution."

    Lacks-Pullum shares those hopes, but she is pessimistic. "Hopkins," she says, "they don't care."

    Lost in the acrimony over ethical and financial issues stemming from Henrietta Lacks' cells, though, is Henrietta Lacks herself. A descendant of slaves and slaveholders, she grew up farming the same land on which her forebears toiled--and that her relatives still farm today. As part of an aspiring black middle class with rural roots, she left her childhood home to join a migration to Baltimore, where Bethlehem Steel was eager to hire hard workers from the country. She was in the midst of realizing an American dream when her life was cut short. And her cells helped realize society's larger dreams for health and knowledge. As such, she's been called a hero, a martyr, even a saint. But during her life, as Ehrlich said to his colleagues in Congress, Henrietta Lacks "was known as pleasant and smiling, and always willing the lend a helping hand." That she did, in more ways than she ever knew.

    Page 1 of 4.   1  2  3  4  

    Email Van Smith

    I found this story to be quite interesting and very extraordinary! I think this is something that everyone should know about, but it is another great moment in Black History as well. Please share this with your family and friends. Let's make everyday, a great moment in Black History!

    Would you like to share your Little Known Moment In Black History, please feel free to pass it along to!

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    Little known moments in Black History - Red Lobster & Olive Garden

    The CEO of Red Lobster and Olive Garden


    Each week tens of thousands of diners eat at an Olive Garden or Red Lobster restaurant. Few of these diners know that the CEO heading these large restaurant chains is a black man.

    Clarence Otis Jr. Is the CEO of Darden Restaurants Inc., the largest casual dining operator in the nation. The firm operates nearly 1,400 company-owned restaurants coast to coast serving 300 million meals annually. Darden employs 150,000 workers and has annual revenues of $6 billion.
    Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Otis moved to Los Angeles when he was 6 years old. His father was a high school dropout who worked as a janitor. The family lived in Watts at the time of the 1965 riots. In the post-Watts period, Otis recalls being stopped and questioned by police several times a year because of the color of his skin.
    A high school guidance counselor recommended him for a scholarship at Williams College, the highly selective liberal arts institution in Massachusetts. Otis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Williams and went on to earn a law degree at Stanford.   Otis landed on Wall Street as a merger and acquisitions attorney for J.P. Morgan Securities. He joined Darden Restaurants in 1995 as corporate treasurer. He became CEO in 2004.
      Would you like to share your Little Known Moment In Black History, please feel free to pass it along to!

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    Security Bulletin - Aurora Internet Explorer Zero-Day Attack - Websense Features

    Security Bulletin - Aurora Internet Explorer Zero-Day Attack

    Bookmark and Share Published Thursday, January 21, 2010 7:26 PM by sneedham

    Aurora Internet Explorer Zero-Day Attack

    As early as December 2009, emails containing links to malicious code were sent to Google, Adobe, and approximately 30 other companies.  Commonly referred to as Aurora, the attack leveraged a previously unknown Internet Explorer vulnerability and the attack is ongoing.  Aurora was designed to evade traditional anti-virus and Web reputation defenses to gain access to company assets and sensitive information. As of January 21, only 25% of AV vendors tracked protect against the payload according to this VT report. Websense® Security Labs™ has published important information – available below – regarding this threat.

    What You Should Know
    Websense provided its customers with zero day protection from this attack before it began in December.  Aurora, and a growing number of similar Web-based threats, highlight the need for Websense Web, data, and email technology, which go beyond legacy security controls.  Websense provides real-time protection for previously unknown threats like Aurora as they propagate over the Web and across email, targeting sensitive data stored on systems inside and outside the corporate network, helping to prevent systems from getting infected and sensitive data from being compromised. Put simply, Websense provides the most advanced security for modern threats.

    With Websense, customers receive:

    • Real-time malware protection that goes beyond anti-virus to address previously undiscovered threats like Aurora on-the-fly, when they are first introduced.
    • Advanced content security that spans Web, email and other channels to intelligently scan data coming in and out for legacy threats, exploits, script-based attacks, and data loss.
    • Comprehensive protection for users at the corporate office, branch office, and who are mobile to carry security across the entire enterprise. 

    More Information on Aurora


    The Aurora attacks are examples of what are being referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), described well by TaoSecurity in three simple points. In brief:

    • Advanced means the adversary can operate in the full spectrum of computer intrusion.
    • Persistent means the adversary is formally tasked to accomplish a mission.
    • Threat means the adversary is not a piece of mindless code.

    The impact of these advanced attacks on the targeted organization can be severe and difficult to defend against. In this case, the attacks used complex exploit code delivered on websites. Vulnerable hosts were affected when they simply connected to the site. Post-infection, additional malicious code is downloaded, data is captured and the sent to remote websites.

    Websense has been at the forefront of identifying and protecting our customers from zero-day exploits in the wild for several years.  We expect that the number of attacks of this type will grow with time.  We are now seeing other attackers use the Aurora zero-day exploit to infect vulnerable hosts. Since the code is now publicly available, we expect the next wave of attacks to come from cybercriminals whose techniques are equally sophisticated, but whose motives are somewhat different. They will most certainly be hunting for data, but it will be for monetary gain rather than information gathering. 

    Learn More

    Websense Security Labs:

    Other Resources:

    For information about how to be protected against advanced threats, visit

    For up-to-date information about Aurora, and for other breaking security information: 

    This is a pretty bad infection out there on the net. But it goes to show that it is important, better yet, imperative that people verify links and/or avoid surfing on sites not approved by their corporate IT staff. And even though this article focuses on corporate settings, consumers should also verify with their PC security software vendor (McAfee, Symantec, AVG, Avast, Microsoft, etc) to ensure they are protected. However if you are not sure of how to get protection, or if you need help with evaluating the security of your PC and network you should definitely contact a technology and security specialist. Companies such as All-About Technology ( and BuyMoreGadgetz ( can assist you with evaluating and strengthening the security of your network, thus protecting your precious data.

    Contact BuyMoreGadgetz TODAY:
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    Can I Get a Witness? | Goddess Intellect {What is YOUR purpose?}

    Willie Stylez said:

    Amen, Amen, AMEN! :) I have to say that being religious and having faith, as you put it, are definitely two different things and KNOWING FAITH is a TRUE blessing! Being religious comes with the “nonsense”, comes with the obligations, comes with the fellowship, comes with the teachings and all the other things that keep us from or make us go to church/synagogue/mass/meetings etc! I am definitely a person with a lot of FAITH but not very religious. Let’s just say I have had my fair share of “religion” and just choose to cherish and develop my relationship with GOD and keep it moving. I attend Sunday Services as much as time permits, but I have my skepticms and doubts about specific doctrine/dogma/whatever. But I go to ensure my children learn what religion is, and start developing their own relationship with GOD. I think we all need that. As well, as like you ladies said, we sometimes just need that fellowship, or that music, or a good preacher to just make us feel whole again. Whatever anybody’s stance is, you definitely have to get to know your purpose. I have found many “purposes” for my life. As father, I am purposed to make 6 lives greater than they could be without any help. I am here to be a teacher, mentor and motivator to them. As a businessman, I am purposed to bring great service and peach of mind to my customers. So that they may be more productive in their lives. As a husband, I am purposed to develop a lasting and loving relationship with my wife. And give her all the things she deserves, as well as try to spoil her whenever possible. And as Black Man in the USA, I am purposed to provide a positive and productive example of our culture and its ability to output more than just criminals and/or deadbeats. So I have many purposes (maybe even more than the ones I have named) but I know that all together those purposes define who I am, how I live my life and what I can look forward to in my future!

    I was reading a post over at Goddess Intellect's blog ( and felt inclined to respond. She described her religious and spiritual experiences and then proceded to ask some very poignant questions. The quote above is my response to her final question, What is YOUR purpose in life! Now that you know what I see as my purpose, why don't you tell me what YOUR purpose is! All responses welcome.

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    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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