Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pandora Radio for MOST WinMo fones, FINALLY! Thanx to @NRGZ28

FINALLY the Pandora Radio website has a Windows Mobile FOR MOST WinMo phone, but NO THANKS to the folks at Pandora, who STILL only list a version for 5 or 6 (unpopular or semi-popular) WinMo phones. Come on Pandora, no HTC phones on the list, thats PREPOSTEROUS! Anyway, the great folks at XDA-Developers, and a great deal of work by NRGZ28 has come up with a great alternative. Its not 100% WinMo compatible, but its pretty darn close! It even worked on my TouchHD1, eventhough its probably best used on a phone with a physical keyboard! But I used MyMobileR (which is a FREE PDA control program that allows you to display the PDA's screen on your monitor and interact with the PDA from your computer/laptop keyboard & mouse. Get it FREE from Anyway, just go get the Pandora Radio app and see if it works for you! Oh, and make sure you have an unlimited 3G account, or Wi-Fi in order to make good use of this service! ;)

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