Saturday, May 9, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 9 - What's In Your Wallet

Day 9: What's In Your Wallet
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Of course, today's topic tackles a very sensitive subject for bulging, monstrous, zippered and tattered wallet! For the past several weeks, I've been fighting with this unwieldy beast of a pocket organizer! It has too many items in it, but I can't see to put it on a diet or get it to conform to a consistent workout regimen!

Since today's topic is this beast's contents, I'll run down to you, why my leg is so much fatter on the left, than the right:

  • Debit & Credit cards ... like 73.4 debit cards... only 1 credit card... I've learned my lesson!
  • Health insurance cards... some innumerable amount of cards for the innumerable amount of plans, options and people in my house!
  • Coupons ... because my wife says I never use coupons...ONE day, I'll prove her wrong...that's NOT today!
  • Receipts ... because sometimes you just gotta take stuff back!
  • Gym membership ... gettin my flex on! #SummerBody
  • Business Cards ... cuz I'm in business...and I have cards to prove it!
  • Voter Registration Card ... people died for this right, so I take it very serious!
  • Customer Loyalty Cards ... from Speedway to CVS to Starbucks to AMC Theaters... I apparently spend all my money on crap I either can't afford, or CLAIM I can't afford!
  • Notes, papers, nondescript pieces of papers ... Yeeeaaahhh ... this may be where I start when it's time to thin out the wallet! 
What's In YOUR Wallet!

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