Monday, May 25, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 25 - Your Biggest Regret

Day 25: Your Biggest Regret
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To tell the truth, I don't (or try not to) regret anything in life! I firmly believe that there is no need to regret decisions/actions in life, only that we should learn from our mistakes! Those stepping stones are what make us stronger, and even successful, in the end!

But the 30 day blog challenge would be no fun if I didn't follow through with my "big regret"! So, to comply, I must say the biggest life lesson I've had (due to my regret), would be:


  • Not making enough of it available to my kids
  • Not giving enough of it to my wife
  • Not dedicating enough of it to my own success
  • Not making more of it so I can spend times with friends,

I am not a master of time, by all means, but I have learned to cherish it, give it to those I care about, and make it available when my kids need it most! I have spent the majority of my life working, trying to be perfect, and trying to be the best at whatever it is I was doing at the time.

However, I found myself neglecting my family, my friends, even my personal goals! So I have learned to take advantage of whatever time I can scrounge up, spend it with the kids, spend it visiting friends! It has made a huge difference in my relationships and the respect you gain. People realize you're going to be there for them, and they can depend on you. That is the greatest I could have!

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