Saturday, May 16, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 16 - Thoughts On EDUCATION

Day 16: Thoughts on EDUCATION
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I'm a huge proponent of Education! If you are to succeed and make a difference, you have to be educated! Now where you're educated all depends, in my opinion, on your circumstance and goals! If you're going to be a pilot, rocket scientist, or prepared to sit in a class for the next 4, 8, maybe even 20 years, after high school! But if you want to be a carpenter, computer tech or mechanic...then traditional universities may not be your only option, and sometimes, not even your best bet!

Find education where it lives... in schools and universities for academic and highly skilled careers, but it may be in technical/vocational school or apprenticeships, for skilled trades! Sometimes, it may be even found in just real life, real world, experience! Education is not a one-stop shop, find it, where it lives!

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