Saturday, May 23, 2015

#30DayBlogChallenge - Day 23 - If You Won The Lottery...

Day 23: If You Won The Lottery...
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Ask anyone that question, and you'll starry eyes, dreams of relaxing and helping friends and family and all that good stuff! I can't say I wouldn't be vastly any different, in my fantasies of winning it big! But, today, I thought about, what would it REALLY be like to win a huge jackpot!?

What would I really want to do with my life, while all that money affords me the lifestyle I could only dream of!? Who would I REALLY help, versus, who would I steer clear of!? There are really so many things to consider, when winning a large sum of money! Are you going to invest it, give it all away, spend it all or just end right back up in the poor house, again! So after doing that #RealityCheck I created the following list, of what I would realistically do, if I won the Lottery:

  • Pay off debt.... mine and my wife's; for my mom; for a couple of our really close friends (because it ain't no fun, if you can't take your real friends with you on a trip or adventure)
  • setup education trusts for my kids and grandkid - only education and a headstart in life will take them far
  • I'd give money to my favorite religious organization and charities
  • I would still only buy a "newer" car every 3-4 years ... if I really like it. I would also limit the number of cars I own to 2, MAYBE 3 at most. You can always get benefit of owning a large vehicle or pickup. But having 7 or 8 cars is pretty wasteful! 
  •  I would buy 10-12 weeks of timeshare points from the top 3 or 4 property companies. That way I have luxurious living accommodations, all year long, without wasting 10's of millions achieving it. I'd have a main residence that I'd spend about 2 or 3 months at, then I'd travel the rest of the year!
  • I would still work...but it would definitely be my own business, and working remotely! Can't travel all year long if I'm stuck in an office or in someone else's server room! LOL!
  • My kids would have to still get jobs and go to school. I would not spoil them, otherwise, they'll never learn to be independent and make something for themselves! 
  • I would invest some of my money in very safe areas. But I wouldn't mind doing some risky, aggressive investments...but those wouldn't see more than a couple hundred thousand or so, depending on how much I won! I am not trying to end up poor!
  • Just try to have fun, be safe and make it till I'm gone! Again, if I get rich, I'm not trying to go back to being poor! LOL!
What do you foresee in a future with lots of money!?

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