Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ULTIMATE IGNORANCE - "Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z & Drake" - Please Tell This Man To SIT DOWN!

For real B. Sigel... You wanted a GROWN ASS MAN to take responsibility for your punk ass!!! SMH! Thats STUPID! YOU STUPID for thinking that would have been "real" for that OTHER MAN to take responsibility for your kiddie, playground mentality, I'm such a thug but I can't KEEP GETTING CAUGHT on technicalities lookin ass... Whatever bro! You sound like you drinking haterade & stupid juice! "Oh I'm gonna put out a diss DVD on everybody that's FREE!" That is the problem with the ignorant, "can't get out of jail for 5 minutes", fools now! They think EVERYBODY owe them something! YOU messed up, YOU went to jail, YOU did dirt when you could have been a millionaire! Don't blame EVERYONE else because they don't support STUPIDITY! I am TIRED, TIRED, TIRED of ignorant comments like this! Thanks a lot Beanie Mack for setting us all back another 50 years! GREAT JOB, lil homie! SMH!

That's What STYLEZ Thinks! What Do You Think?

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