Monday, June 7, 2010

I love The-Dream! But this is why I HATE The-Dream!

I'm sorry, but I HATE The-Dream right now! He is a great artist, song writer, producer, etc. And in general, I love his style, his music and his albums have sat well with me. (OK, you knew it was coming) BUT! The-Dream went to far this time! SMH! I am sure you all have heard the song, if you haven't, check it out below. The-Dream, in his infinite wisdom, decided to remake the late, great, Aaliyah Dana Haughton's song "One In A Million". That would have been fine with me, however, after hearing the one thing I find wrong with the remake... is The-Dream's VOICE! SMH! Check it out:

I mean, #cmonson WTF were you thinking? He'd came out better if he would have let PINK sing the song and put Nicki Minaj on the track for no reason other than shock value! Matter fact, I'd go so far as to say, I would have given the job of singing to DRAKE's tone deaf ass, put Nicki on the break, let DJ Khaled screamin ass produce it, and ask T-Pain to back the whole project up! SMH! Can somebody say "RADIO KILLAH!" LMFAO! (Please, I hope that you all realize I'm kidding!)

Anyway, like I was telling a friend of mine on FB, I'm kinda mad at The-Dream too because ALL OF HIS songs are starting to sound the same now! He has NO originality or creativity left! Its a shame! Believe me, I have no problem with your voice or "style" being in the same zone for a few years... but he writes and produces most (if not all) of his own songs and literally they sound the same! Listen to all of his recent singles. Its like he has an old ass beat machine with like 4 sounds on it... that clap sound, that snap sound, that "radio killah" sound (WTF is a radio killah ANYWAY, LOL) and auto-tune! SMH! Its sad! LOL!

That's What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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  1. Come to think of it your right. Even tho I love is album "The American Dream" w/ "purple kisses"...

    I'm mad at this remake...he sound like a bootleg Aaliyah!! CTFU

    A MESS!!!

  2. OMG! Right! I wouldn't be so mad if he'd just let the track breath! SMH! LOL! TOTAL MESS!