Wednesday, June 2, 2010

He Doesn't Want YOU, So WHY Do You Care!?!? - Why smart women need to stop listening to dumb men!

Why everytime a Black male celeb says something about he prefers non-black women, Black women act like that negro is our spokesperson? Black men still love Black women, ladies, stop using celebs as your "life" examples.

So I was "posted up" on Facebook yesterday and saw the above status update! OMG! It was one of the best statements I had read in weeks! PLUS it came from a VERY successful BLACK MAN in the movie & music industry! So I was DOUBLE impressed by the statement!

I TOTALLY agree with the point being made here. I can understand the disgust that black women may feel when they hear their favorite artist, actor or whatever, spout off about not wanting to be in a relationship with a woman of his same race. But what I don't understand is why does the feeling carry over to anger, hatred and jealousy of other women! Or why does it turn into a generalized feeling toward other men who may not feel the same way!?!?

As a member of "post-racial" America (*sarcasm*) I feel that we all need to start over looking skin-tone requirements; start getting away from racial, financial, cultural and religious discrimination; and really start loving people for who they are inside! However, not everyone feels like me (hence the sarcasm, and thought that even with a Black president, America is probably even more racially unjust than 20 years ago!)! So, realistically, all I can ask is:
- if you are not a celeb & you are from the hood, why do you care who these rich men want to date? If they DID date black women, how does that change life FOR YOU?
- why do you listen to ignorant men from radio & TV, then proceed to pass judgement on ever Tom, Dick & Leroy that you see on the street based on that?
- (this one's for the guys) Just because you see these athletes, musicians & actors talking crazy about why they aren't dating black women, DOES NOT mean you need to REPEAT these lame excuses like a damn fool!

So people, please, wake up, get a life of your own instead of living vicariously through these celebs! Believe me, they DON'T care about you or your life! And they can care less if you screw it up!

That Is What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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  1. Was this at all in regards to Ocho Cinco? I read on Necole Bitchie, he didn't want any Black women on his reality show and the one's he was forced to keep, he chose the most "ghetto" ones. Not my words, I don't know what makes someone the most ghetto.

    I absolutely agree with, celebs don't care about anyone but themselves. Lol. We give them too much power and we make them what they are or give them what they have. Some people bitch about this kind of stuff, but still support the artist, actor, athlete, whatever.

  2. Hey Nikk, yes, I think that is the situation that prompted all this. And that is so true that some people will be "up in arms" about what he says today, but watching his TV shows and buying his endorsed products and his paraphernalia tomorrow! If we don't hold these celebs accountable, they will continue to treat their "fans" like CRAP!