Friday, January 14, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ GETS FIT => My Physical Fitness Goals

I decided recently (with the help of an upcoming trip to the Bahamas) that I have had enough. I weighed approximately 315lbs (not sure because my home scale only goes to 308.5 and that was the last weight at a gym). Officially started my Exercise plan on December 22, 2010. Officially started my diet on January 1, 2011. As of January 9th, I had lost approximately 13lbs! My goal is to reach my optimal weight of 240lbs in the next 12 to 16 weeks! On January 11th, I lost 1lb and also lost 1% body fat (from 44% to 43%).

It's been a couple days since I last weighed in, which I think is good, because I think I do better when I wait at least a week between weigh-ins! I checked out the Wii Active Challenge that I created on,,  found out that 24 participants signed up! YAY! I'm really excited about that and its very motivating to think that so many people are in this with you! Anyway, I've been sleeping less & less each day, so I really need to work on that! As much as I love the benefits of a longer day, it makes for a tough morning only getting 4 hours of sleep! Welp, I better hit the hay now! Gotta a big day to rest up for!

By the way, I have been doing AWESOME on my diet. No real slip-ups, staying on track with my water intake, and recording everything with Fat Secret for Android & Facebook! I LOVE that the mobile & social apps are so well integrated with the website! Anyway, I'm out, gotta record one more meal in FatSecret, then off to bed I go!

UPDATE: OK, so I couldn't resist weighing in after writing this post. I have lost another 2 pounds and 2% body fat! I'm down to 299lbs & 41% body fat!

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