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WILLIE STYLEZ TECH REVIEW => virtual Newspaper by @SmallRivers #Cool #HOTTECH

What Does STYLEZ Think?

Last night my wife was checking her twitter feed and discovered a few mentions about her latest author interview on her blog site, One of which included a "Top News Story" from a news site called WDWPUB: Thriller Daily! I was very surprised that a news site had already jumped on the blog posting, seeing as that my wife had only just posted it a few hours earlier!

So then when I inspected the site, it turned out every "news headline" or story was actually just a very well formated summary listing and link to the actual information. This intrigued me further to discover who created such a great, innovative website, and I noticed that "Bob" was the "editor" of the paper! From my experience, guys named "Bob" don't create great things like this and ONLY list themselves as Bob! Usually they have cooler nicknames like AstroBlur or Crash&Burn or ... WillieStylez! LOL!

Anyway, I dug a little deeper... ok, didn't have to look to deep since the top of the page showed this:

So I clicked it and ended up on the website and found out that it was a SUPER COOL and FREE, new web service that let you "Read Twitter and Facebook as a Daily Newspaper"!

The site is very well organized and setup to allow you to auto-authenticate using Facebook or Twitter credentials (I think more and more I appreciate that function on most websites, one less password to remember!). Once you setup your new account, you are off and running with the ability to create multiple "newspapers" using everything from, your full Twitter feed, twitter lists, hashtags and in beta testing, Facebook feeds! It even includes a cool widget you can post on your other websites and blogs:

The newspaper is generated by using a link aggregation function which essentially takes all of the links people have posted in your selected feed and summarizes, categorizes and even generates thumbnail and/or photo previews from the links! Plus there's two really cool sections that generate picture and video feeds! All in all, it's a great (and cool) way to get a bird's eye view on a topic or feed and may become your favorite way to read YOUR Twitter/Facebook timeline!

So that is what Stylez thinks! What do you think?

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