Sunday, January 16, 2011

WILLIE STYLEZ GETS FIT => A Challenging Weekend But...

Well, last night, what can I say about last night!? Well, I'd rather start with Friday! Friday was a very busy day for me. It started out pretty good with a great weigh-in and an even better outlook on the future! I even got in an 18min workout with my wife!
Well, after eating my delicious Rich Cocoa MiM, it was a wrap! LOL! I spent like the next 8 hours, no food, no drink! NOT good at all when you are on a High protein-Low Carb diet! On this kind of diet (and really in any lifestyle) you need to eat every 3 to 4 hours minimum! And if nothing else, you need to maintain your water intake of 1 to 2 cups of water every 3 hours. So yea, that was bad. Then to make it worse, I ended the day with a very small portion of food, which included pineapples! Pineapples are a no-no at dinner time (or anytime after about 1PM or 2PM)!
Anyway, things didn't get any better Saturday! SMH! I knew Saturday was going to present some challenges, meal wise since I had a lot of running around to do! Well, boy was I RIGHT! Turned out it wasn't a bad day for frequency or number of meals. It was just a bad day for WHAT I was eating! It started with my early afternoon snack! Now, really this isn't a horrible thing, but still, after eating pineapples for breakfast, I ended up drinking OJ (ok, so it was only a couple ounces, but still)! So that jumped my carb intake for the day through the proverbial roof, very early!
Now the day progressed, and with my wife at work, I had the babies. And they can be very distracting sometimes (in a good way of course). So I had to entertain them, feed & cloth them for the running around we had to do, and still accomplish a few items off my to-do list! After making it through all that, it was time for running around the metro area!
First we went to a Bowling party. That was OK, until my son failed to finish eating his lunch there! Next thing I know, I have a handful of crinkle cut French Fries in my mouth!!! Yes, crinkle cut! I KNOW, they are the thicker fries! PLUS it had ketchup on it! SMDH! If you know me, I'm a French fry fiend! So yes, I've been craving them for weeks! LOL!
Anyway, I somehow avoided the cake portion of the party (yay me!) and we moved on! I planned to "quickly" pickup a couple things at Walmart. But that turned into an hour long ordeal of waiting in line with broken cash registers! ARRRGH, stress is a diet killer! Luckily (again) I avoided grabbing a candy bar or bag of chips because by then I was starved! So we get home to drop off the Walmart items, and we turn right back around to head to the city (Detroit)! The good thing is, my wife had left an Atkins Vanilla Shake in the fridge, so I was able to quench my hunger with that and a bottle of water on the ride to the city!
So we get to my god-mother's house and the kids are playing with their cousins, while I worked on my god-mother's computer and watched her play Wii Bowling with my 4YO son. Before I knew it, it was after 9PM and I was supposed to be at my cousin's house for a party! So I headed over there and picked up ... you guessed it ... ALCOHOL! I know, I know! Alcoholic beverages are HIGH, HIGH, HIGH in carbs!
And to make things EVEN worse, I decided, in all my infinite wisdom, to eat SPAGHETTI! Yea, I know, I know! LOL! All in all, my grand (failure of a) meal equaled more carbs and calories in a single meal than I probably ate in TWO days prior! But you live and learn. I got home and I was EXHAUSTED, just DRUNK ON CARBS! LOL!
So this morning, I crawled out of bed. Did my morning ritual of going to the rest room, then cleaning my self up and taking my allergy med and nasal decongestant. So I decided to see how much I had plunged myself into diet depression ....
Well, if you looked at my weigh-in numbers, you noticed! I actually lost TWO POUNDS since my last weigh-in!!! YES! I mean, I am not celebrating my ability to cheat on my diet! I am still highly upset and disappointed with myself for yesterday! But I am happy to see that I can still lose weight which means that my body (and metabolism) is fully activated and burning calories at an accelerated level at all times! Ketosis can be a beautiful thing!
Anyway, take it from me, sometimes it's good to cut loose (a little) and have a "cheat" day! But make sure you have achieved a short-term goal and are truly able to control your diet. If you find yourself still craving most of your NO Foods, then you should definitely continue to avoid them until you can safely eat them without binging or falling completely off the "wagon". Until then, keep working at your goals and make eating healthy and working out, not just a temporary weight management goal, but a lifestyle change!

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