Monday, January 17, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS => About Android versus iPhone

So What Does Stylez Think?

I was on Facebook today and found this posting from LifeHacker website

Have you switched from Android to iPhone? Let us know how it went (what worked, what didn't, etc.).

Now, after re-reading that question about 12 times, I realized that they REALLY SAID "Have you switched from Android TO iPhone"!!! I'm still convinced it was a typo, because that has got to be the most BACKWARD question ever asked by a technology web magazine! Of course, the comments went NUTS! Of course I had to join in because its what us techies do!

So the majority of the comments were FOR Android and against iPhone! No major surprise seeing that this web magazine is geared toward true techies, not trendies! It's core audience is made up of geeks and tinkerers and the like! Anyway, the few people who still supported iPhone only had to good things to say about iPhone... battery life and games! Yea, that's it, TWO! As for Android they also had an issue with (certain) phones not being bug-free, and others that were just "overwhelming"! OVERWHELMING... a phone! SMDH! Whatever noobs... I mean dudes! LOL!

So, finally some people with some sense came on the comments, in particular, J. Preis, who commented:

Android is a framework of components that ultimately presents the UI on phones that support it. iPhone is a piece of hardware. Malformed question. BTW - Android activates appx. 300K devices A DAY. Apple perhaps ~200K. Posession arrow goes to... Android over iOS (not iPhone).

And that makes a TON of sense and is something people don't realize. So I had to chime in. Tell me what you think and let me know how you feel about the iPhone v. Android battle!

...anyone who's owned a crappy Android phone that cost less than $150 out the gate, that's also a bad example. Like J. Preis pointed out Android is an operating system and being that, it has been used by any and everyone to push their hardware. Unlike Apple, who uses the (apparently well built) iPhone with their iOS operating system. Unfortunately, not all phones are built the same! You can't blame Google and the Android OS because Motorola and Samsung decided to release crappy budget phones using the same OS that rocks on much better devices from those same manufacturers! The Motorola Motoblur phones (the Cliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT, Blur, Devour, etc) can NEVER compare to the amazing DROID series of phones (Droid1, Droid 2, Droid X and upcoming Droid Bionic). As well with Samsung, their NEWER Galaxy S phones are much better than the original phones. But that all comes from building better hardware! Apple has spent years repackaging the same hardware and calling it new and ppl have bought it! That upgrade to retina was good in the iPhone4 but its still the same 3.5inch shell they peddled in the years before! No variety, no open-ness, no choice, that's Apple, the iPhone & iOS. If that's how you want your technology, GO FOR IT! But I don't live my life by Steve Jobs' rules, so I go with what gives me choices! The choice to pick my own hardware, the choice to pick my own carrier, pick my own apps, pick my own platform, run my own life... Thats Android!

That's what Stylez thinks, what do you think? Please leave your comments!

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