Saturday, August 21, 2010

WILLIE STYLEZ HOT MUSIC REVIEW => Drake - The Search (ft Saukrates) #HOTTRACK


I have always been a Drake fan and this is why! He has A LOT of good music and is very versatile! I hate when people hate on him because they ONLY here the 2 or 3 commercial songs! It's like, HOW THE HELL you think he get a Grammy BEFORE he dropped those commercial hits? It (OBVIOUSLY) wasn't Auto-Tune, affiliation w/ Young Money, his "good" looks (no homo, note the quotes) or acting skills! SMDH! The kid has TONS of potential and lots of talent! I can't wait till EVERYBODY else notices! LOL!

That's What Stylez Thinks! What do you think? Please comment!

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  1. Wasn't a Drake fan at first, but he grew on me. Talented young man and he seems to have remained humble through this whole hoopla! Good for him!

  2. @ Nicole

    You are so right, he is definitely (or at least comes across) an anomaly in the game in the fact that he is pretty humble about his position. He seems to like the talk of being one of the best, but he doesn't try to purport to be the best! He speaks on it and lets it go! Plus he seems to get around encouraging other bands and artists. I follow his OctobersVeryOwn blog and seen quite a few articles/youtube vids where he hypes up, promotes or just puts the word out about underground and up-and-coming artists!

  3. I like that about him and I should check out the blog.