Thursday, August 5, 2010


I received a message from a friend today asking what I thought of Android OS and if I felt she should upgrade to a new Android phone or keep up with Windows Mobile. Here was her request:
Can you give me the pros and cons for a windows smartphone vs and android? Right now I can sync my phone to outlook and update my calendar (doc appointments, etc) I like that. Can I still do the same on an Android? Is it windows compatible or should I just stick with a smartphone?
This is my response:

Android is THE BOMB!!!! I use BOTH an Android (currently 2.1, but just installed 2.2 update) and a WinMO 6.5 w/ HTC Sense 2.5! So I understand the hesitation. Let's address your main concerns:
1. Windows Compatibility... technically NEITHER mobile OS is COMPATIBLE to Windows XP/Vista/7. Because they cannot SHARE the same programs. i.e. iPhones and iPad are COMPATIBLE because they can share apps. However, YES they BOTH can communicate and be synced with Windows OS.
2. Oulook - (Im assuming you mean, ONLY mean calendar, contacts, etc) due to some unusual programmings on Google's side, you have a few options here. You can use Google's Calendar Sync (which works GREAT) to sync Outlook & an online Google Calendar. Or you can use Kayxo KiGoo to sync both the Calendar AND Contacts (
3. Apps - you didnt mention this, but I like to anyway. I LOVE my WinMO because it was the ONE OF THE ORIGINAL mobile computer to handle applications, tools, etc. iPhones DID NOT originate, yes, they made it easier to locate and acquire apps, but WinMO has been doing it since late 1990s! Anyway, but just like iPhones, Android has a GREAT app marketplace and a HUGE (and growing) list of awesome and useful apps!
I would DEFINITELY recommend purchasing an Android phone! There are SO MANY to choose from (I personally recommend Motorola DROID (original, X or 2), HTC EVO 4G, Samsung's new model or T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide). And this mobile OS is here to stay!!!
Windows Mobile:
Pros - I would say familiarity, but, because no two WinMO phones are EXACTLY alike (unless you have HTC already and get another HTC), the interface is not ALWAYS the same. GREAT community support for most phones and devices. ULTIMATE compatibility with Windows, Linux and Apple PCs. Most come with a physical keyboard, but a slew of units are now available with full Touchscreen only (and multi-touch too). THOUSANDS of apps and software tools available. Huge selection of phones and devices available at different price points, discounts and deals. Flash (via app, Skyfire Browser) and multitasking.
Cons - some phones suffer from (compared to Android and iPhone) performance issues, glitches or are just slower than the competition. New app marketplace only available on some phones but is also VERY inadequate compared to Android & iPhone.

Android Mobile:
Pros - (in general) familiarity. There are currently only about 2 types of Android interfaces (maybe 3 if you count the semi custom Droid X interface), one from HTC and then the stock interface from Google. But even with those two, there are a only a few differences so you can jump from one phone to the next (so far) and be able to use it with no learning curve. The app marketplace is GREAT and very usable (even more now with categories and per app auto updates). Flash and multi tasking. GREAT performance and speed across the board. New functionality and bug fixes are done throughout the year and available on (most) phones (they actually listen to their consumers requests, UNLIKE Apple!). GREAT syncing with Google & Gmail online accounts.
Cons - lots of updates for apps (but mainly because most of the apps and tools are new and technically beta), multiple OS updates per year (not really a CON for most ppl, but some ppl dont like this feature. but again, like the apps, the OS is also pretty new and new functionality and bug fixes are done throughout the year instead of only once per year). 3rd party apps (but a couple are free) are needed to bring Outlook Syncing up to par with WinMO.
That's What Stylez Thinks! What do you think? Please Comment!

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