Thursday, August 12, 2010


I was going through some posts and news stories on the internet and of course, with the news about Same Sex Marriage laws possibly being overturned, the Topic Of The Day was ... Same Sex Marriage! And of course, everybody had an opinion! Well, of course, I had to chime in!

I don't believe its right for me and it goes against my beliefs! BUT I am not about to bring judgement upon those who do it! It trips me out to hear people throwing out the "I go by GOD", "I do what GOD says", "GOD is not going to like it", blah, blah, blah. But those are the SAME people SINNING too! Eating in excess; Gambling (lottery too); getting drunk; smoking; pre-marital sex & adultery; dating multiple people; doing drugs (and yes, weed IS a drug); not going to regular religious services; participating in, practicing and/or willingly watching unrighteous activities (like those rap videos, most movies, violent sports and entertainment, etc)! Those are ALL unacceptable and most are SINS against GOD! None of us are perfect! Jesus said that "he WITHOUT sin cast the first stone"!!! Well all you stone throwers need to check yourselves again before you get "high & mighty" against homosexuals. EVERYONE will have to answer for their sins, heterosexuals TOO!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Please comment!

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  1. Same sex couples aren't going to damage marriage and ruin society anymore than heterosexuals. People need to relax and take care of their own homes. Look at the divorce rate, cheating, and other scandals amongst heterosexuals.

  2. @ Nicole,
    I TOTALLY agree! That is a GREAT point! I definitely think that people have overlooked that little tidbit! They will always say, "oh, a same-sex marriage is not a real marriage because GOD is not in it or God doesnt approve!" But then, like you pointed out, with all that foolishness hetero couples go through, Im SURE God does not approve of that either!