Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW -- What STYLEZ Thinks About => POWER by Kanye West (@kanyewest) #HOTVIDEO #HOTTRACK

FIRST & FOREMOST, I must say... (in my best Kanye impression) "GODDAMN KANYE"!!!

This “video” (or as 'YE calls it, this PORTRAIT) was VERY artistic, very creative and better than most of the stuff being “filmed” by lesser artists! I respect Usher (some of his movie-like vids), Jay-Z (his newer vids), Ne-Yo and now, Kanye for doing something different. For those who don’t understand, try to look BEYOND the BS that other artists continue to regurgitate in their vids (that SAME damn room, in that SAME DAMN mansion, that EVERYBODY keeps renting and having FAKE ASS parties in, that have NOTHING to do w/ the song)! I’m sure some of you are still waiting on another “Tip Drill” style vid! That’s OK, to each their own! But for this genre to be what it WAS, you have to break the rules ANY and EVERY TIME you get a chance! Vids like this prove that Hip-Hop is NOT DEAD (… yet, if we keep letting “Waka Flocka’s” in! SMDH!)

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  1. I just can't stand him anymore and am now biased. I used to love Kanye...*sigh*

    You're right though, the video is better than most of the b.s. we've been subjected to lately by 'lesser' artists.

  2. @ Nicole - LOL @ "can't stand him anymore and now biased"! That actually makes sense! I think a lot of people feel that way about Yeezy. I think he has soured a lot of public opinion about himself! Maybe one day, he will get you back on his bandwagon!

  3. Maybe. He tries too hard to be 'different'. I need him to be himself, because I don't truly believe he's as eccentric as he loves to appear.