Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google's April Fool History

April Fool’s Day is the day of enjoyment in which people make fun of each other. It is a great day where we make pranks inside the offices, homes and markets. Not only these places but web is also enthusiast on the April Fool’s Day. One of the examples is Google. They have been elaborated their pranks over the years. There is a history of pulling the April Fools day pranks of Google. With an April Fool’s day prank Google each year decides to play a joke on the world for the entertainment of its users. Since 2000 the world has been pulled by the April Fool’s day jokes by Google. This year prank by the Google is the announcement of changing its name to Topeka. Some of the pranks that Google made in the past years are as follow.

MentalPlex (2000): in which brainwave activity, past browser history and mouse movements could be scanned by Google for figuring out where you wanted to go.

Pigeon Based Ranking System (2002): it was announced by Google that pigeons would be used for pecking away randomly on their computers on order to find websites. They claimed that information would be grabbed randomly by the pigeons thus more meshed web would be allowed. That was a well thought idea for a prank.

Google “Moon” Jobs (2004): This was the prank made by Google to the job seekers and was a part of the companies “Google Copernicus Hosting Environment and Experiment in Search Engineering (G.C.H.E.E.S.E.)’.

Brain Drink That Makes You Think Faster (2005): in this it was claimed by the Google that the DNA code of the human could be read with a special sensor o the lip of the bottle of Coca-Cola. The size of our DNA is just 3 Gigabytes as described by the Google.

Other pranks made by Google in the years 2006,2007,2008 and 2009 were Google Contextual Dating, Google Toilet Internet Service Provider, Google Worldwide Rickrolling + Other Pranks and Google Chrome 3D Browser respectively.

After my last couple of posts, I became nostalgic and wanted to get a list of great Google pranks, and found this list! I definitely look forward to seeing what the 2012 prank will be, seeing that it's the year predicted to be the end of human kind! I am sure Google is going to go ALL OUT for presumable their "last" prank! LOL!

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