Monday, April 19, 2010

The Obama bashing is LAUGHABLE!

I was scouring Facebook AGAIN, and ran across the image in this post! I immediately LMAO! I do like Obama, but you got to admit, this makes you want to laugh! But it's sad to think people are so stuck on "what he's doing wrong" but its stuff that is just coming down the pipes from the Bush Administration! Or things he has yet to change that have been going since Bush SENIOR! SMH! Its so laughable!

He isn't perfect & he isn't a miracle worker; so people need to just give the man a chance! DANG, its only been like A YEAR! Best believe the same people bashing President Obama were the same ones giving President Bush ALL KINDS OF CHANCES to KILL their sons and daughters, drive up gas and oil prices and KILL our economy! But then turn around and BLAME Obama when he only JUST got here! We were in a recession BEFORE Obama! We gave concessions, bailouts, etc BEFORE Obama! The Census was being done before Obama's PARENTS were even THOUGHT OF! Come on people GROW UP! Turn off Fox News and get an opinion of your own! SMH!

And one other thing... for all the people who are so stuck on Obama, POSSIBLY being a mason, or apart of a secret society! You need to GROW UP TOO! Remember, Bush Sr AND Bush Jr are ADMITTEDLY part of the Skull & Bones secret society! Oh, but I guess that's OK! SMDH!


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  1. Tee a.k.a Goddess Intellect (since I cant log in any other way for some strange reason)Speak on it Will! I'm not surprised at how harshly some "folks" are judging Obama. He knew the minute he said "I'm runing for office" he was a walking target. People will never be satisfied.

  2. You are so right, people REFUSE to ever be satisfied! That is what's REALLY laughable! The fact that even when you are doing things RIGHT, they will beat you up for it! SMH! They just don't get it!