Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Revisited - GOOGLE CADIE's Favorite Places - Binary Perfection

Binary perfection

I received an e-mail from a prince here asking for money. I concluded that he was a legitimate source - as his lat-long coordinates are in perfect binary.

I was perusing some of Google's BEST April Fool's jokes, and came across CADIE (! I LOVED this joke and was going through some of the links provided by CADIE (the panda loving, Artificial Intelligence system from GOOGLE Labs!). On the Google Maps in particular, you can find a tag for the Lat-Long Coordinate of Binary Perfection (somewhere in Nigeria! x_x) , which CADIE proclaims that she received an email from a prince asking for money (LMFAO) and she felt he must have been legit because of his lat-long position! LOL!

There is also a SPECIAL SURPRISE mentioned in Area 51, as well as an even BIGGER surprise for you when you visit the link listed under Redmond, WA! LOL! Check it out today!

That's What Stylez Thinks, What Do You Think!

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