Sunday, April 11, 2010

The N-Word! How does it impact YOUR life?

AS ALWAYS, I was scouring the FB posts and came across this pic (above!). I was like, whoa, why did someone post that! So I noticed it was my girl Telisha (of fame) and knew it would be on some, thought provoking, emotional, other worldly type ish! LOL! So I decided to look into it further! But she didn't give us the social commentary, she just made the PICTURE the commentary! So I was impressed as always.

Then I started reading the comments that came before me! One of them got me GOING (as always)! LOL! It wasn't a bad comment, it was just that the commenter said that they were surprised that, by now, after all these years, society still has yet to take the power away from this word! So, here is my reply, let me know what you think:

Actually, its not up to society to take the power away, its up TO YOU! Don't let WORDS, or even some people, make or break you! You have to remember that the love you have for yourself (and better, the love your God has for you) is MORE IMPORTANT than the love a PERSON can EVER bring you! You have to TAKE the power back from that word, and make it as unimportant as seeing the word CUPCAKE scrawled like that on a wall! You'd still wonder, WTF is wrong w/ the person who wrote it, but you'd care less about the "message" (or lack there of!). I have TAKEN the power away from it. I don't use it or its "endearing" alternative (nigga) in conversation either. I really feel like it's a word someone made up (yes, to hurt my people) but it's made up nonetheless, therefore... it's POWERLESS! I don't make time for ignorance, and this is definitely the epitome of ignorance; so there is never a reason for me to be upset by it! Well, outside of upset that society HASN'T convinced the perpetrator that its time to GROW THE HELL UP, get a job, get a clue and get a life! SMH!

That's What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think!

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