Monday, November 17, 2014

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => A Shot Of Inspiration - a 30 Day Blog Challenge!

So I was checking out a couple friends' blogs and found that they were really getting into their writing game more and more lately. Then I remembered...hey, what about MY blog! Well, one of my blogs (Stylez Radio) has been getting plenty love from me! But this blog has been falling to the wayside, more often than not! So What Does STYLEZ Think...well, what does he think he should do about that!?

Well, that led me to deciding to take on the 30 Day Blog Challenge that my girl Sunny D is doing on her great blog! The challenge is simple...everyday, for 30 days, try to post something new and interesting on your blog! Where we get this "shot of inspiration" makes it even easier to accomplish this 30 day blogging marathon! So here it, in unedited form:

Of course, I'm going to put my own twist onto it. You know how STYLEZ gets down! LOL! Anyway, I'm going to do like Sunny and start my posting today! Hope you enjoy what I post and please, feel free to comment, share, complain, whatever! Alright, enough of this... LET'S GO!

That is what Stylez thinks...what do you think!?

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