Friday, December 2, 2011


Recently I was on a professional networking site and someone posed the question:

How many of us really have TIME to be a good Mentor?

This was a poll and at the time, 46% said they had the time, 15% said they didn't, 31% said only if the mentee was seeking relevant professional help and 8% were undecided!!! That's 23% of people who either wouldn't give their time or didn't know if they would have time to mentor someone! Keep in mind, these are answers given by PROFESSIONALS! People with good jobs, working for great corporations! That's a sad state of affairs I think!

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I agree with the 46%, and I think that it doesn't take A LOT of time, because you don't have to dedicate an entire workday to being a mentor. But also I must say, it is a two-way street! There must be commitment from both parties, the mentor and the mentee, in order to add value! When I was younger, I had a mentor who spent about an hour a day (two hours on one day each week) helping me with life lessons and providing support for whatever activities I was invovled in. That was beneficial to me for the lessons I learned and the attributes I gained such as supporting others, caring and professionalism. It was beneficial for my mentor's time because I actually listened and applied the lessons and advice he gave me! The thing is, you don't always have to seek out a person to mentor and go to a special place, like my mentor did. Sometimes, being a mentor is just about helping and guiding the people around you that need your expertise and experience. It's about providing sound advice when asked and taking a few minutes out your day to lend a hand to person who needs your help! I try to do that with anyone I come across, because I wouldn't be where I am if someone had not done that for me! Get involved, lend a hand, give back, be sounding board, whatever it takes, because believe me, if you don't provide the positive; there's someone MORE THAN WILLING to give that person the negative! And that would be a sad state of affairs, indeed!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think!? Let me know!

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