Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Stylez Thinks About => Android Updates (aka The Stop Your Whining Post!)


So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I have been seeing SO many Google Android related articles about...

  • Am I getting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Why am I not getting another update
  • What's taking so long to get my update

Well! I'm tired of it! Most of these people paid all of $12 bucks for their phone and they are demanding updates! OK, yes I'm exaggerating a bit, but $100 retail is NOTHING for a phone! Especially since MOST people never pay retail! They usually get like $25-$50 off, if not more!

So seriously, when will the whining end! I'm tired of hearing the complaints about updates! If you want the new Android software SO BAD, then go to XDA Developers, learn how to unlock and customize your phone, then get the new updates! That's what I've done! Stop waiting on, and whining about, carriers and manufacturers! Google put the code out there for use and good XDA Developers are making use of it for most of the better phones! So there's no excuse for people to get off their lazy behinds and go get it!

If your device doesn't support a new update (or doesn't have XDA Dev support), then you probably shouldn't have gotten that weak piece of $50 crap that you bought 2yrs ago! Every Android (and some WinMo) phone that I have ever bought has cost AT THE VERY LEAST $200 AFTER rebates and each one of them have been upgradeable! I have a 2.5YO HTC HD2 that has Android v2.3.7 on it now (the most up to date phone OS available, outside of ICS)! If you actually pay something for a phone, then yes, I think you deserve updates (sorry Sony owners). But whining and crying about your FREE phone not getting updates... you get NO sympathy from me!

And for everyone that says... but I'm not a techy, I just want my phone to work and be updated when Google puts out new software... Then you know what, you've all been warned before! And here it is again...


Every Nexus phone that has been released has been supported by Google with updates! NO EXCUSES! You all love your updates, so stop circumventing the process and buying OTHER phones. YES, Android is about choice, that's the beauty... but if you made the choice to go outside the Nexus line, then live with that choice and make it work for you! Go get your updates when you want them! Or stop your whining and wait for them to be released (or buy a new phone)!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Please share in the comments!

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