Sunday, December 4, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => Business Use of Social Media

I was on a professional social networking site again and a question was asked:

Where does a business cross the line from smart business development via social media to "over-social" behavior that scares prospects away?

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I don't mind companies having a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other types of pages. However, it just bothers me when they lose sight of WHY they should have those kinds of pages. I don't want to visit your empty YouTube page, it should have your commercials or product sample vids or something! I don't want to follow you on Twitter just for you to pump the same advertisments down my throat that everyone spouts, give me useful info, announcments, tech/customer support, something of value. And I definitely don't want to "like" a Facebook page just for a banner ad or a few pictures of your magazine ads; there should be a fully interactive, media experience there to engage and enlighten the consumer! Without the right elements, social media can be incomplete or just plain annoying!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? What companies do you think are breaking the rules and best practices of social media?

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