Saturday, March 3, 2012

Willie Stylez Weight Loss => 40 Down, 45 To Go! #LetsGetIt


So What Does Stylez Think?

Yesterday, I stepped on the scale... I had been doing fairly well with the diet, so I wasn't worried... and there it was...


I probably haven't been sub-290lbs since 2008-09 when I first went to the Bahamas! I have been doing pretty well on this second attempt in 2 years to get back down to my goal weight of 240lbs! I have lost 40lbs since December 2011 and am determined to keep it off. I am not as aggressive as I was 8 years ago when I was down to goal. Or even 4 years ago when I hit 278 and rebounded! But I think the method I am using now will promote a healthier and less stressful eating/exercise lifestyle that I can maintain into old age! That's the key right!? Well, 45lbs to go! I'm ready... I'm willing... LETS GET IT!

That is what Stylez thinks! What is your health goal? Feel free to comment!

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