Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can I Get a Witness? | Goddess Intellect {What is YOUR purpose?}

Willie Stylez said:

Amen, Amen, AMEN! :) I have to say that being religious and having faith, as you put it, are definitely two different things and KNOWING FAITH is a TRUE blessing! Being religious comes with the “nonsense”, comes with the obligations, comes with the fellowship, comes with the teachings and all the other things that keep us from or make us go to church/synagogue/mass/meetings etc! I am definitely a person with a lot of FAITH but not very religious. Let’s just say I have had my fair share of “religion” and just choose to cherish and develop my relationship with GOD and keep it moving. I attend Sunday Services as much as time permits, but I have my skepticms and doubts about specific doctrine/dogma/whatever. But I go to ensure my children learn what religion is, and start developing their own relationship with GOD. I think we all need that. As well, as like you ladies said, we sometimes just need that fellowship, or that music, or a good preacher to just make us feel whole again. Whatever anybody’s stance is, you definitely have to get to know your purpose. I have found many “purposes” for my life. As father, I am purposed to make 6 lives greater than they could be without any help. I am here to be a teacher, mentor and motivator to them. As a businessman, I am purposed to bring great service and peach of mind to my customers. So that they may be more productive in their lives. As a husband, I am purposed to develop a lasting and loving relationship with my wife. And give her all the things she deserves, as well as try to spoil her whenever possible. And as Black Man in the USA, I am purposed to provide a positive and productive example of our culture and its ability to output more than just criminals and/or deadbeats. So I have many purposes (maybe even more than the ones I have named) but I know that all together those purposes define who I am, how I live my life and what I can look forward to in my future!

I was reading a post over at Goddess Intellect's blog ( and felt inclined to respond. She described her religious and spiritual experiences and then proceded to ask some very poignant questions. The quote above is my response to her final question, What is YOUR purpose in life! Now that you know what I see as my purpose, why don't you tell me what YOUR purpose is! All responses welcome.

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  1. Hey Will!
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