Saturday, February 20, 2010

The NO SNITCHING Movement... Its Time To MOVE IT OUT!

As usual, I am on Facebook scouring my friends' pages for things to "like" and comment on. Well I come across a comment where one of my friends wants to know if she should turn in a friend that did something illegal, or if she should take the fall! Well, of course there was a mix bag of responses:

  • tell her to turn him in
  • u know da streets...NO TELLN!!!
  • beat him senseless {LMFAO! of course that is my fave!}
  • turn him in she aint married to him i bet he wouldnt do it for her
  • He should MAN UP & pay the ticket and make sure it doesn't come back on her

So as I am reading all of this, I noticed comment #2 and it hits me! I'm like, are you trying to tell me you STILL believe in that wack ass NO SNITCHING movement! So of course, I was HEATED! I am so outraged that my own people would condone any of that "no snitch" mentality to still prevail in our communities. Its ignorant and its dangerous. I believe that if a person is involved in the crime and, to save their own skin, they decide to snitch on everyone else involved, that it should be punishable by CANING! LOL! Because thats some hard core snitching and should NOT BE TOLERATED! HOWEVER, if you are an innocent bystander and you are protecting your family and community by getting these people off the streets... then post haste, TURN THEM IN!

I have lost A LOT of love ones, friends, associates, etc to violent crime and the criminals weren't caught because some people thought it was "cool" not to snitch. So I am VERY passionate about snuffing out this mentality! It is a shame that our... parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents DIED to give us freedoms in this life but some of us choose to throw it all away... to KEEP IT REAL or to BE HOOD or whatever! I just feel like anytime and EVERY TIME is the right time to put it out there... WE GOT TO WAKE UP people! WAKE UP!

Anyway, below is what I told my friend about how to handle the situation and my feelings on "snitching"!

F-that, that aint snitchin, turn that MF in, he aint gonna have your back! and whoever think its snitchin, lets see YOU take one for the team! smh! that no snitchin shit is WEAK & STUPID! If you PART of the dirt, then yes, you need to get yo ass beat if you snitch, but if you innocent bystander, then its not snitchin, its protecting yourself!

No dissrespect BUT if you DONT snitch you STUPID... FLATOUT! I dont care WHAT BLOCK you THINK you from but NO ONE on "the block" is gonna do you a favor, pay your bills, make you rich, etc... REAL TALK! Its REAL LIFE out here people, its NOT A GAME! If you believe in that no snitch movement, MOVE OUT! That's a CHILDS game! And the police, the government, GOD, they dont have time and wont make time for games! If your life is LIMITED to a BLOCK then best believe this world is passing you by! REAL TALK! That's the problem with the youth today, they put so much emphasis on KEEP IT REAL, they dont realize that all this glossy shit is FAKE! I am a father, a businessman and a leader, NOT A FOLLOWER, and the only way to get out of that "ghetto" mentality is to STOP following people and ideas that 1) is not making you a better person 2) not helping your family OR community and 3) is not paying your bills, feeding you or making you financially stable! When they ready to do ALL OF THAT the let's talk!

Thats what STYLEZ thinks! What do you think? All comments and viewpoints are respectfully appreciated!

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  1. I agree 110%! I hate the fact that so many still believe in this No Snitching Rule! I don't know how many friends have been buried because bystanders are afraid to say anything. It's not like the police will rat you out. No one has to know. I wish they would let this got. But so many can't because their favorite rapper keeps making songs telling them not to. Good job Willie and hopefully your friend listens to you!