Monday, March 28, 2011

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => Facebook Therapy! Do we need help, or are we just attention whores!?!?

So What Does STYLEZ Think? 

I was checking out a friend's blog and she was describing the ever present issue of people seeking attention and gratification via Facebook and other social networks. In the end, she summized that people are just fooling themselves or trying to fool others into thinking that they have either a great life, or the worse life ever! Well I TOTALLY AGREE … to a point!

I think many people find the “group therapy” aspect of FB (and other social sites, but especially FB since you get such instant gratification of comments/likes/replies from like everyone you know). I recently started group therapy for parents of troubled teens and I must say, it is like a REAL LIVE Facebook wall! We even start the meetings off with a “status update”. Then the therapist makes comments, others may chime in, and you end up with like a slew of advice, cosigns and other information…. see what I mean, Facebook Live! LOL!

But believe me, when you are apart of something like that, it makes you feel good. It gives you a great feeling of not being alone in the world, or not being alone in your situation, or in your feelings! FB does that for a lot of people. Believe me, even if you just want people to know what you are doing NEXT, it is filling a void for you that you may need attention, or you want someone else to say, hey, I’m doing that too, or I’m going to meet you there! That’s what makes social networking, well, social! One day, I bet any kind of money, there will be therapists prescribing people to join certain groups/fan pages in FB for them to get their group therapy session in, without leaving their home! Matter of fact, maybe I should suggest it to my group therapist!!! LOL!!!

But really, are people's constant updates a way of fooling themselves, or a plea for attention, or a cry for help, or maybe all the above!?! Whatever it may be, it is what FB is there for. We talk (or update), people will listen! We pour out our problems, people will intervene or give advice! We share our ups, people will LIKE it and give us praise! We share our downs, and people will be there to pick up the pieces! Should it be out on the internet, for the world to see? Some of it maybe not, but believe me, Facebook is the cheapest, and easiest, therapy in the world! And it just might help some people make it!

That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Let me know and let the world know! ;-) 

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