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WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => 15 Smart Job Questions To Ask The Interviewer @ www.DouglesChan.Com

So What Does STYLEZ Think?

I have recently been on the hunt for a new job. So I come across this other blog, touting 15 questions to ask the interviewer! I do have a problem with coming up with "good questions to ask the interviewer" so this blog post piqued my interest! After being on BOTH sides of the interview table, I must say that a list like this is essential for new job hires. However, I (maybe it's personal or maybe its my industry) would avoid some of the questions listed below. And a few I am definitely going to use on my next interview! Here are my thoughts on the questions suggested by Mr. Chan:

GREAT TIP - Ask open-ended, precise questions and avoid the yes or no replies.

GREAT TIP - Ask questions that show your intelligence and knowledge about your industry by asking well-thought out questions that are relevant to the position or organization

GREAT TIP - Don’t ask about salary, vacation/sick pay or benefits

GREAT TIP - Don’t ask about things that were discussed in the interview unless you need clarification or expansion

REALLY GREAT TIP (a lot of people have a tendency to do this) - Don’t ask more than one question at a time

GREAT TIP (you don't want to make the interviewer feel stupid either, especially if they're going to be your direct boss) - Don’t ask too difficult questions that the interviewer may not be able to answer

GREAT QUESTION - What three things attracted you to this company?

GOOD QUESTION - What do you enjoy the most about working for this company?

OK QUESTION (but really, you should be TELLING them how you are going to make this position successful) - What aspects of this position would you like to see improve?

GOOD QUESTION (but even better would be you telling them why you feel their company is a better fit for you than going somewhere else) - What makes this company better than its competitors?

OK QUESTION (this is something that SHOULD be obvious from the job requirement UNLESS they wrote a vague description) - What is the most important requirement of doing this job well?

GOOD QUESTION - What is a typical work week like?

GREAT QUESTION - What are some of the challenges your current employees have faced or facing today and how is it handled?

GREAT QUESTION - How is someone’s job performance evaluated and how often are they evaluated?

GREAT QUESTION - What are the job advancement opportunities for this position?

OK QUESTION (again, this should be obvious, except if the job description is vague) - What level of performance do you expect from someone in three months?

I'D AVOID (why is this relevant to you as a prospective hire) - How often does this company hire?

OK QUESTION (maybe if the description was SUPER vague, but this is another case of you should be telling them how you are going to be successful) - What traits make a person successful in this job?

I'D AVOID (again only unless the description was SUPER vague) - What skills are the most important in this position?

I'D AVOID (again, why is this relevant to a new hire, UNLESS you were trying to become an executive or part of HR) - What kind of turnover rate does the company have?

I'D AVOID (again only if you are victim of a SUPER vague description, you should tell them what you are going to bring to the table) - What would you like your new hire to bring to the position/company?

All in all, there were more pros than cons in this list, but no matter what, if you are interviewing soon, definitely be prepared for it! Good Luck


That is what Stylez thinks! What do you think? Post your comments and some questions you would ask the interviewer!

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