Sunday, October 10, 2010

WILLIE STYLEZ HOT MUSIC (VIDEO) REVIEW => "Everyone Nose (CRS Remix)" - Child Rebel Soldier (@NERDarmy @KanyeWest @LupeFiasco) & Pusha T (unofficial vid by @JMonkey of WildStyleFM)

What Does Stylez Think?

So this rare, but much needed, second post of the day is a review of the HOT TRACK from Child Rebel Soldier and Pusha T (of The Clipse & interestingly now the newest member of G.O.O.D. Music)! This remix to Pharrell & N.E.R.D.'s HIT Everyone Nose, is a great example of when group features go RIGHT!

I love the beat, another N.E.R.D. BANGER! And the verses were all EXCEPTIONAL! Some people didn't like Kanye's verse, and I don't usually like Pharrell's performances, but I still feel they both shined just fine on this track!

Kanye did his job and opened the song, building up the excitement! Pharrell followed up with one of his BETTER verses! He is truly a Skateboard kid! Lupe rolled in on a "HIGH" Theme! It was AWESOME and perfectly Hip-Hop how he really broke it down! And the anchor came from the speedy rapping skills of Pusha T! He REALLY put it down and did not seem out of place anchoring this song for this Rap Super Group!

The video itself was EXCEPTIONAL as well, since it was NOT an official video for the song. I did realize their was no real sync with the track, but from the club party chaos going on in the video, I actually assumed the lack of sync was intentional! LOL! But it turns out the video, produced by WildStyleFM ( and was a mish-mash they created from concert performances and a rearrangement of the original "Everyone Nose" video! GREAT job guys!

That Is What Stylez Thinks! What do you think? Please Comment!

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