Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kwanzaa... Do we celebrate because of the PRINCIPLES? Or the CREATOR of it?

While surfing this morning, I came across this status, and felt compelled to comment! What do YOU think?

Some people are celebrating Kwanzaa & have no idea what they're really talking about. Instead of exchanging gifts and lighting that candle, you need to Google Maluana Karenga, the "originator" of Kwanzaa. In 1971, Karenga imprisoned, assaulted, and tortured 2 women for 2 days. It's imperative that you know who your heroes are - it's even more important that you know who they are not.
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What does STYLEZ think?

I really FEEL the author's point, HOWEVER, I would have to disagree w/ the underlying message here. I think that ALL men (and women) have their flaws, shortcomings, secrets, talents and gifts! If we want to GO THERE, please remember that our "FAVORITE Black History Hero", Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was also a womanizer, beligerent and some of his kids felt he was not as great a father as he was a civil rights leader. Do we stop the Civil Rights Movement, or stop supporting the NAACP (who've also seen MANY of its leaders and associates dipped in scandal), or do we continue the "Good Fight" despite the shortcomings of the people who stain their own reputations?

I mean, turn it around, what if you believe that Halloween is a celebration of Satan and all that is evil! Does that mean, you will allow your Pastor or your Church to celebrate it, and convince you to celebrate JUST because they are "good people"!?!? That would of course be detrimental to your morals, RIGHT!?!?

I think the important thing to remember is if you agree with the principles of the celebration, and those principles aren't detrimental to your morals or views, then it should be just fine to involve yourself. Too many people get caught up in worshipping the MEN behind the cause, instead of UNDERSTANDING and sticking to the CAUSE! That's why the cause will then get stained when the MEN stain themselves! But if we keep sight of the CAUSE and the cause only, we can get pass the indiscretions of the men, and continue to FIGHT THAT GOOD FIGHT, Focused & Ready!

Thats What STYLEZ Thinks, What Do You Think?

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