Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tiger Photoshopped Out Of Arnold Palmer Website - Backlash or Coincidence?

The reaction throughout the golf world over Tiger Woods‘ alleged alternative lifestyle has been mostly muted, until now.

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports that Arnold Palmer’s signature PGA Tournament has scrubbed the image of Woods and Palmer together atop the official website for tourney.

But when outed by the Sentinel over the changes, we got yet another opposite day quote for the obvious disassociation with Woods.

Tournament director Scott Wellington said the banner was updated two weeks ago. The redesign was “not necessarily” prompted by Woods’ recent infidelity scandal.

“We are always changing the Web site and keeping it fresh,” Wellington said. “[Woods] is our defending champion, and that’s not going to change.”

Not necessarily? Does that mean the tournament director doesn’t know the ultimate reason for the change?

Reminds me of Tag Heuer reps denying they pulled billboards of Woods in Australia because of bad publicity, then a week later announcing they were dropping Woods.

The opposite day hedges are going to cease if we get more material evidence of affairs or other questionable lifestyle decisions of Woods. And I don’t know too many people who don’t think that’s a possibility.

What does STYLEZ think?

Really, it’s just a 5 minute change, because the image was probably in ImageReady or Photoshop and in layers, but, I’m thinking, maybe it’s “prophetic”!!! Take a look at the original, Tiger is behind the roses and tint… now that Palmer is behind the roses & tint (and w/ the director’s claim that the image was changed on a random schedule) that means that Arnie may be the next player to disappear from the banner in a week or two! Hopefully not because we find out he lives a double-life too! LOL! As for Tiger’s “friends” and their claims that they didn’t know, I think that’s BS. They are just trying to dis-associate themselves from this scandal! Believe me, MOST guys who cheat are pretty sloppy across the board, his real friends know, have always known and are now to afraid of public backlash to be the “friend who didn’t stop Tiger”! Think about it, if his “mentors” didn’t stop him or tell, they would seem to be just as bad!

So that’s what Stylez thinks, what do you think?

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