Monday, March 15, 2010

Are kid movies going TOO far?

As always, I was going through Facebook updates and came across a good topic. So of course, I had to make it a blog post! Today’s topic is about Movies and how they seem to be getting out of hand when it comes to the Kid & Family Genre! My FB Friend said:

“wondering why all these new children’s movies are so scary? i.e. Coraline, A Christmas Carol, Princess and the Frog, Alice in Wonderland...etc...they are scaring my kids half to death! what's the deal?”

So, What Does STYLEZ Think?

See thats the problem, these movies ARE NOT for kids... they are for ADULTS! ESPECIALLY Christmas Carol, Coraline & Alice in Wonderland! (I haven’t seen the Princess & Frog movie, but I didn’t think it looked scary... but I wont judge! LOL!) But one thing we have to remember is we can't let the titles, or "intended" themes, or the big name stars, or the movie studio name, make us blindly allow our children to take in these negative images and adult themes! Just because a movie says Disney & has a MPAA rating doesn't make it OK for our children! And just like some kids were scared of some things in Princess, it didn't affect other kids. That doesn't make those kids "less tough", it just means that the movie was not intended for THEM! I am starting to be more cautious of the themes and movies coming out, because the studios are trying to make money, not look out for the best interest of our youth!

One other thing to remember is not to let the "Kid Pressure" get to you! Just because a movie has kids in it, or is animated, most kids are jumping to see it! Shoot, that's why I've taught my babies that if they see it on a commercial, then we CAN'T get it! LOL! I’m serious! I've said it so much that now before they ask for something, they will say, "daddy, we didn't see this on TV but"! LOL! But like I said, you definitely have to pre-screen these movies. And sometimes you can just look out for the tell-tale signs. Like most of the movies mentioned earlier were all Tim Burton movies! Those are definitely not little kid friendly. I also noticed that all the Dreamworks animated movies are full of adult themes! So lately my kids’ TV is stuck on nothing but Nick Jr and Sprout because the rest of it is too over the top!

That’s what STYLEZ thinks! What do you think?

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