Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twit-Bookin #500 - Go Find YOU...

Well, I hope the anticipation of one of the most important, and significant Twit-Bookin Tweets has not killed you to much. But I also don't plan on getting too random on this posting. Just want to make a few points and let you get on with your day!
As many of you know, I have recently gone through a life changing event, that has made me realize some things about life! I feel like it is something that I should share with the world (well, as much as I can without crossing legal boundaries I have recently agreed too! LOL!). However, it is so important that I figure, my Twit-Bookin Kingdom should be allowed to share in this experience and understand... a little more about Stylez! :)

First, the biggest thing about this experience that I have learned is ONE important truth!

Find out who YOU are, or you just might get lost!

Its really that simple. But lets dig a little deeper! Essentially, you have to remember who YOU are, why you do what you do (to take care of yourself, your family, your community, and your world), and what it takes (or going to take) to keep you going (rest, hard work, love, whatever!). But that's the thing! If you forget ANY of that, you will lose yourself! One day while trying to keep from losing what you thought was important, you will realize you have already lost the REAL important things! Like your sanity, or the respect of your friends & family, or time away from your babies... each of those things, and more, are what's really important. Not holding on to something that is REALLY not that beneficial!

Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes we get obsessive about something, and then find ourselves deep into it, and then it turns into the million dollar hobby, or the chance of a lifetime, or something like that! But what I have found, is that if something is so consuming, so self destructive, that it leaves you with nothing at the end of day but headaches, stress and/or "a chance to go at it again tomorrow"! Then maybe it really wasn't as productive as you thought.

But also, you have to define WORTH. Because if something is your love, your passion, it can leave you stressed sometimes. Hey I feel that way about parenting sometimes! :) But in the end, I know its beneficial. I see WORTH in it. I foresee the appreciation of my children that I put up with the bad times, because there are more good times! But if you find yourself in a situation where, its a never-ending battle to just go on to the next battle, with no outlook of it giving up, then it may be time to just walk away! You are worth more than that, and so is your time and energy!

The other thing I learned (well actually rediscovered) is that things happen for a reason. The reason may not always be the answer we are looking for. It may not even be the most pleasant of experiences, but nonetheless, they happen. A course of events; some outside my control; and some I saw coming like a train wreck in slow motion; all culminated in my recent life change. Its so funny, I even had a "psychic episode" (and that's psychic, not psychotic! LOL!) of the events unfold before my mind's eye, in a matter of moments! But I knew, I even had a "warm & fuzzy" feeling, that if it came to pass, then it was meant to be.

I may be Stylez, but I am not invincible! I cry at sad movies, I laugh when tickled, I even feel pain like the next man. So I knew that I could not depend on "being Stylez" and that being Stylez would make living in this world ALL BETTER! I still had to work for what I wanted, but I needed something to force me out of my comfort zone. Something to push me. I recently had a friend tell me that, they know they are smart, can be successful, and if they put their mind to something, they could do it. But because there wasn't some mysterious, magical force motivating them to get up and "do it", they always find themselves sitting by while nothing gets done!

Well, that was happening to me as well. I didn't even know it until I really got a chance to sit down and analyze where I have been the past few years. I have made strides and set goals and even achieve a couple. But I also saw a time where I gave up, mentally, sometimes even physically, on some goals. I saw a time, a very long time, where complacency allowed me to forget what I was really reaching for. So I settled for what I had.

Now, I am a little older, I am little wiser, and I get to try again. Oh how I wish I would have seen the light in the past, but hey, that's how life lessons happen. Through living life! So now I am reevaluating, and getting motivated and looking to make it happen! Whatever IT may be! :)

So, I tell you friends. Seek out who YOU are. Seek out what YOUR goals are. Reach for them! And let no one, nothing and not even yourself stand in the way of getting them! You have a lot of people counting on you! You, your family, your friends, your community, heck even the world wants you to succeed! The world would definitely be a better place, if we all found something better... in ourselves! :)

Twit-Bookin King out!
- Stylez!

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