Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PockeTwit Review

In my search for a Windows Mobile Twitter client, I have found several clients out there. PockeTwit and Twinkini are the two I decided to install and try out. After using both clients, I found PockeTwit to be the BEST and easiest to use! It has all the features you could want and more in a Twitter Client:

- Shortened URLs
- pic uploads (you can choose pre-existing pics on your device or take a picture on the spot, also you can choose which service to use for pics storage and URL is auto inserted to posting)
- GPS geo-tagging of posts
- cool full screen interface with scrolling and panning
- hashtags
- search
- options to follow and unfollow
- conversation tracking
- alternate timelines
- detailed views
- quick linking to posted URLs and Pics
- and more!

Plus its fast and updates you on the home screen of any new @ or Direct Messages, plus Friend Timeline updates. And you get ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!!! Gotta love that! Because PockeTwit was the fastest client to setup and the learning curve was non-existent (I was able to just pickup the app and start using it), I never used Twinkini again after install and first use!!! LOL! Oh well, its only got about a 1/4 of the features PockeTwit has, AND they charge $5 to $10 for the app! What's up with that! I would pay $15 or PockeTwit, but never pay for a subpar app like Twinkini! CRAZY!

Get PockeTwit today for Windows Mobile and you will be very happy you did!

Check out this message below that I sent to the PockeTwit Developers!

-------- Original Message --------
From: "Will Flint"
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 9:31 AM
To: pocketwitdev
Subject: fw: Receipt for your donation to pocketwitdev

Hello PockeTwit Developers,
I recently wrote a blog about your great application. And I LOVE it. In the article I mentioned how another app is out there charging for their Twitter client, and the fact that I would pay $15 for yours, since they charge $5 to $10 for their's! Well, here it is, my $15!!! :) Believe me, I DON'T usually purchase software (unless I absolutely have too), I will seek out free alternatives and deal with any shortcomings that may come along with them. HOWEVER, your application has no shortcoming I have found yet, so I figure, you deserve to be paid for your GREAT work! I wish you guys continued success and hope you continue to give us this great product and more in the future! Take care!

P.S. Please list Blog.AskWillieStylez.com as a contributor, using my Twitter alias @williestylez

William E. Flint
RCIS Designs LLC
PO Box 74761
Romulus, MI 48174
P: (734) 532-7796
M: (313) 903-3723

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-------- Original Message --------
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 9:23 AM
> To: RCIS Designs
> Subject: Receipt for your donation to pocketwitdev
> Hello RCIS Designs,
> This email confirms that you have donated $15.00 USD to pocketwitdev using PayPal.
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> Confirmation number: <>
> Donation amount: $15.00 USD
> Total: $15.00 USD
> Purpose: PockeTwit
> Contributor: RCIS Designs
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> Donations coordinator: pocketwitdev

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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words and the donation. I'm very glad you like what we've done.