Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Complex Question!

Recently, a friend on Facebook asked the question:
"If our ancestors were not forced into slavery, would most of us be Christians and if so, did the white man save us from ourselves or did it make us better slaves for generations to come?"

I felt that this was a very complex question. One of the respondents, answered:
"... speaking spiritually, we were ensalved in sin but because of the sacrafice that Jesus made for us we were bought with a price (His life) so that we could be spiritually free, now we have a choice though Christ want us to choose life and the fullness there of."

I feel that she was right, we (as children of Jehovah) have been bought by way of Jesus' ransom sacrifice OUT of the “wages of sin”! The "wages of sin" being death, we now have the chance to have everlasting life, through Jehovah's Son, Jesus Christ, and their Messianic Kingdom { Romans 6:23}. Would we have been Christian had our ancestors not gone through a slave system here in the US? Who knows, but in the Bible, Jehovah promises that his truth would be spread through all the inhabited Earth, therefore, all men, women and children would have a chance to know HIS name and purpose.

Or so we are taught by Christianity! Is this all true? Well, I am a believer, so I say yes! If you are not a believer, then you may have doubts. I have studied a great deal of information out there and though I may not be perfect, I am content with and hold dear to my heart what I have learned about Jehovah, Jesus, their Kingdom, and the other teachings of the Christian Bible. But I also feel that everyone’s beliefs and opinions are beneficial. I feel that if you don’t believe in anything, you have nothing. So grab hold to something, learn all you can, and then if it agrees with your outlook, or makes you comfortable with this life, then run with it! If not, move on to the next thing, until you do find that right fit!

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