Saturday, April 5, 2014

WHAT STYLEZ THINKS ABOUT => Mom forces son fight … Life Lesson or Bad Parenting!?


Recently, a video was posted on WorldStar Hip-Hop, where a mother is seen forcing her son to fight another boy and even goes so far as to tell him not to cry and fight! Plenty of emotions, opinions and comments abound, as to if she handled this properly… or naw!? Is she, as she calls it, teaching her son to be a Man, to be violent, or just plain stupid!?

I'm torn on this one too. The first fight I ran from, around 8yrs old, my mom went in on me about running too! She didn't force me to go back out and fight that one person, but she did teach me to man up and if the playing field is level, do what you gotta do! My mom was also in the Army, so yea, no son of hers was gonna be a coward! LOL!

I guess, the real question is, in 2014, would I teach my kids to go back out there and fight... maybe not... because running into the unknown, unprepared, is pure stupidity! But I do know this, I will teach him to stand up for himself and others, be brave enough to not let someone run over you, but smart enough to know how to either calm the situation, or if all else fails, walk away alive (hopefully, never know with the nuts out here these days). As parents we have to draw that fine line between integrity and stupidity! And hope to GOD that he is watching and protecting our babies while they walk that line!

That is what Stylez thinks, what do you think!? Watch the video and then comment below!



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