Thursday, March 13, 2014

"MY – #Life" (Part of a Poetry Series by STYLEZ #TheSweetSeries)

969652_10151737455076424_530714968_nMY – #Life

by STYLEZ #TheSweetSeries

You came, You saw
You Conquered!
But it was needed, wanted
I wasn’t subdued,
You surpassed!

Surpassed Expectations…
Surpassed Requirements…
Surpassed End Goals…
Surpassed What I Deserved…

Life is filled with surprises,
Little ones, big ones,
and You are that special one!

If it ends, I’ve already lived,
If you go, It’ll already be gone!
Life is nothing without,
Life is everything within,
Within You! Because of You!

You give me Life!
My Life!

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